Driving Organizational Agility
Today's organizations function in real-time, integrated ecosystems where quick decisions must be made based on a steady stream of information from sources like wearable devices, smart assets, and intelligent machines. The complexity of integration has increased dramatically, but the expectation to provide access to intuitive, uninterrupted and safe technologies for operations persist.
Birlasoft works with organizations in its focus industries to transform their operational processes, improve stakeholder experience, and discover new business models. We help them to realize quick value, streamline operations, improve compliance, and better manage assets in the factory, on the field, or wherever the customer is.
Elevate Stakeholder
Business and IT Processes
Discover New Business
Birlasoft helps Kinetiq to improve time to market for product development using Agile methodology
Birlasoft helps Dubai World Trade Center Elevate Customer Experience with Internet of Things
Our Services and Solutions
Every industry is engaged in digitally transforming and disrupting their business. Driven by the need to innovate, the opportunity to reduce costs or the need to get closer to customers and suppliers, and to make the workplace more productive, digital is changing the way we work.
Digital Transformation Services
Business Advisory Service
Engineering and Manufacturing
Connected Products
Supply Chain
Application Modernization
Debt Reduction

Customer Experience
MicroServices Architecture

Smart Connected Manufacturing
A look behind the scenes of a Smart Connected Manufacturing
Birlasoft focuses on Journeys to Excellence in manufacturing across the value chain of Model – Make – Move – Manage. This video provides a look behind the scenes of a Smart Connected Manufacturer. It provides a glimpse of how Digital technologies integrating with existing manufacturing technologies across the value chain can help you to make a shift to Smart Manufacturing or the Industrie 4.0.
Digital Transformation Solutions and Areas We Help In
Customers and Consumers
  • Customer reach
  • Omni Channel Commerce
  • Sales Execution
Suppliers and Supply Chain
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Digital Procurement
  • Logistics Excellence
Employee and Ecosystems
  • Workforce Excellence
  • Sentiment Intelligence
  • Mobile Workforce
Products and Assets
  • Warranty Analytics
  • Product Quality Management
  • Remote Asset Management
Customer Highlights
Predictive Maintenance for European Manufacturer
Predictive Maintenance for European Manufacturer
Predictive Maintenance for European Manufacturer
Birlasoft has developed predictive models to help increase the uptime levels for a leading global manufacturer of textile machines. Birlasoft''s Big Data platform processes near real-time sensor data and employs predictive analytics to enable the development of predictive models. These models help forecast machine failures before they occur, and reduce the unplanned downtime by 50%.
Digital Manufacturing for a Packaging Giant
Digital Manufacturing for a Packaging Giant
Digital Manufacturing for a Packaging Giant
Birlasoft's expertise in Digital Manufacturing is helping organizations achieve manufacturing excellence by enabling real-time visibility, increasing quality and reducing costs with higher control over manufacturing operations. Learn about this Manufacturing Execution Systems implementation that uses IoT, Sensors, Analytics, Predictive Algorithms and Open Source.
Digital Engagement for Consumer Products Manufacturer
Digital Engagement for Consumer Products Manufacturer
Digital Engagement for Consumer Products Manufacturer
One of the most significant areas of digital investment for all companies is to improve the customer experience. Birlasoft has developed a user-friendly and intuitive customer portal covering different functionalities for an innovative consumer products manufacturer to help differentiate their brand, improve collaboration and customer engagement, and increase their sales and service operations.
Mike Perroni
Mike Perroni
Vice President of IT
Weatherford International Ltd
"With roots dating back to 1941, Weatherford International is one of the world's largest diversified upstream oil field services companies, offering a host of products and services including drilling oil and natural gas wells, manufacturing and sales of oil field tools, and creating software for maximizing well production."
Top Solutions
An Analytics and Action
Platform for your Assets
IT portfolio and asset
Smart Glass solution for
Warehouse Management
Smart Glass solution
for Remote Collaboration
Solution for Supply Chain Optimization and Silo Management
TruServ FSM
Solution for Field Service Management
Marketing Cloud
Managing Programs via Marketing Cloud technologies
Social Network Analytics
Our Capabilities And Skills
Business Advisory
Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence
Technology for Enterprise Digital
  • Modernization, Mobility, and AR/VR
  • Middleware Integration and Automation
  • C3-Content, Collaboration, Commerce
  • Big Data and AI
Customer Experience
MicroServices Architecture
Our Partnerships

Field Service Management Solution from Birlasoft

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one such emerging, non-invasive option which is turning out to be a disruptor..


Analytics + Action Platform for modern asset O & M industry Asset visualization, analytics & action in near real...


Intelligence for Supply Network Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Products and Services

KwikPick Warehouse Picking Solution with Wearable Glass

Warehouse Management Solution from Birlasoft

Smart Meters Accelerator

Smart Meters for Water, Gas, and Electricity

Social Network

Analytics Solution from Birlasoft

eProof of Delivery Solution

Birlasoft's Electronic Proof of Delivery Solution

Rich User Experience

Driving Business Solutions

Digital Transformation

Leading the digital business evolution

Headcount Planning Analytics

Workforce Planning Solution from Birlasoft

Smart Lights Accelerator

Pre-built Smart Lights Management System by Birlasoft

Investment Planning Analytics

Infrastructure Planning Solution from Birlasoft

Dubai World Trade Center

Elevating Customer Experience through Internet of Things

Real Time Field Service

Commercial Refrigeration Manufacturer


Improved operational efficiency and customer experience

Birlasoft drives business efficiency

with customized IOT solutions for a large North American bike manufacturing company

Birlasoft drives a major integration project

for a large North American bike manufacturing company

Higher ROI

Birlasoft helps a client achieve higher ROI in Salesforce.com investment through increased solution adoption...

Field Service Innovation

Field service modernization for regular asset maintenance and higher up time

Consumer Products Manufacturer

Improving Digital Engagement