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Submission Automation

Struggling With Regulatory Circulars Intake and Processing?

Are you looking to solve the problem of manually processing documents across various enterprise operations, including
Underwriting, Claims, and Regulatory Compliance?
Above mentioned processes in your organization and other operations in your organization are manually intensive due to variety of incoming documents in emails or mails containing structured and unstructured data including handwritten notes.
Tired of manually handling complex broker submissions and Underwriting marred by inefficiencies?
  • Time to switch to lightning-fast, efficient, and profitable Underwriting
  • Streamline your underwriting tasks, freeing up time for critical decision-making
  • Fostering relationships with brokers and customers
Effective management of 'First Notice of Loss' (FNOL) is impeded by delays and errors from due to manual intake containing structured and unstructured data, causing sub-par customer experiences and elevated costs for claim settlements.
  • Ensures automatic FNOL intake round the clock
  • Streamline claims process to reduce claim settlement time and costs
  • Achieve greater customer satisfaction
Regulatory Compliance
Intelligent Document Intake Solution automates daily monitoring of bureau email notifications, downloading and extracting circular contents.
  • Automates monitoring, downloading, extracting, and decisioning
  • Circulars triaging and assignment
  • Automatic work item creation for circular implementation
  • Tracking circulars to closure
Let it move into transformation gear to best utilize the precious time of your key personnel in underwriting, claims, compliance and other core, non-core operations
Take the first step to transformation
Switch your operations' efficiency into top gear
How Does It Work?
The solution leverages AI/ML includnig GenAI and automate your documents processing
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How You Benefit?
Accelerated Processes
Accelerated Processes
Utilizing real-time monitoring and automatic data extractions results in swift responses for submissions, claims notifications, and associated tasks, accelerating key processes (with 99% accuracy).
Precision and Error Mitigation
Precision and Error Mitigation
Elimination of redundant manual data entry enhances data quality and diminishes the probability of errors in policy creation, claims assessment, and other critical processes.
Cost Effective Operations
Cost Effective Operations
Implementing No-Touch processing for straightforward submissions and claims allows underwriters and claims adjusters to concentrate on more intricate and strategic tasks. This enhances overall operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Data Analytics and insights
Data Analytics and insights
Facilitating improved risk assessment and management enables well-informed decisions regarding policies and claims. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, trends, and performance metrics
Exemplary Customer Experience
Exemplary Customer Experience
A swifter turnaround time for policy quotes and claim notifications, coupled with more consistent communication, contributes to a superior customer experience.
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Success Stories
Global insurer uses AI to automate broker submissions and accelerate revenue growth
Top insurer digitalizes underwriting and accelerates quote issuance
Customer Speak
“Birlasoft's contribution to the insurance industry has been phenomenal and we are happy to have them as partners in this journey. Currently, we have been collaborating with Birlasoft on a Submission Automation Portal which will not only help achieve excellence in underwriting operations, but propel a paradigm shift towards providing seamless service to our customers.”
Philip G Peterson
Vice President and CAO
American Capital Assurance Corp.
Why Choose Birlasoft?
Recognized Experts
Recognized Experts
Recognized as a Top 15 Sourcing Standout by ISG
Featured as an Aspirant in the Everest Group Application and Digital Services in P&C Insurance – PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2020
Trusted Partner
Trusted Partner
Advisor to top P&C insurers on automated underwriting
24 x 7 support for all rollouts for 8 weeks across all lines of business
Extensive network of partners to support customized business needs
1 + 1 = 11
Extensive network of partners to support customized business needs
Wide System Coverage
Wide System Coverage
Wide system integration coverage - Guidewire, ImageRight, D&B and other 3rd party systems
P&C Insurance
Industry domain experts across General (P&C) Insurance, Life Insurance and Reinsurance
Large pool of P&C insurance specialists
Take the first step to transform your journey
Smart Connected Operations
Easy to scale up
Freedom to add document types to address evolving business needs. Multiple modes available for your needs–on–premise or on the cloud.
Real-Time Data Management
Flexible to use
Define your configuration rules for your unique needs and easily integrate with your unique APIs.
Field Service Management
Quick to deploy
Rapid implementation in just a few weeks.
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