What is Tech Debt?
Portfolio inefficiencies and redundancies create 'Technology Debt' which often hampers IT's ability to optimally support current and emerging business opportunities resulting in a higher Total Cost of Ownership for IT portfolio.
Evolving and maturing businesses are creating complex technology stacks leading to critical challenges
Lack of Visibility into IT portfolio in terms of asset spread, cost and optimization opportunities
Redundant portfolios with multiple applications addressing similar business functions due to Mergers & Acquisitions
Higher Total Cost of Ownership owing to legacy applications and its inability to address emerging business needs
Siloed Operating Model for application development and support and maintenance with sub optimal processes in IT and Business Units
Un-structured Program Management managing complex transformational programs
Lack of a Sourcing Strategy to gain better control over supplier performance
Low Cloud Know- How Inability to leverage Cloud technology due to lack of expertise and guidance
Application Integration Challenges because of growing technological and business complexities
Our ZeROTechDebt Solution
Powered by 3rdEye, a proprietary web based tool
for enabling portfolio visibility, ZeROTechDebt provides a structured framework for capturing and analyzing IT Asset information leading to an optimized portfolio, reduced Total Cost Optimization and efficient service management.
For Private Equity Owned Customers
Reducing your operating expense with ZeroTechDebt
A structured framework for capturing and analyzing IT Asset Information
Optimize your application portfolio | Reduced your cost of operations | Turn your service management more efficient
Our differentiators
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ZeROTechDebt Benefits
reductions of their overall IT Costs
portfolio visibility- 360 degree view
faster application development
improvement in Customer Satisfaction Index due to improved services
reduction in ticket volumes