TruView™ CLM is a cloud based solution that provides guided deal point entry, advanced contract

Management capabilities and tracking of media content from acquisition to payments

Media Contract Lifecycle
Most media organizations have a complex deal process (an example is provided below)
Media Contract Lifecycle
Inability to Negotiate with Talent
Complex Talent and License Contracts
Lack of Standardization of Talent Fees
Inability to Track Payments, Options and Rights
No Industry Solution to Address Problems
Our Solution – TruView CLM
Powered by Salesforce and Apttus, TruView CLM is a proven solution and a fully certified Fullforce solution (by Salesforce)
TruView CLM Features
Customer 360 view
Built on Salesforce Lightning, the platform provides a natural 360 view of the Studio Projects.
Seamless integration to Microsoft Word with X-Author for Word
Create, negotiate, redline, reconcile, and sign contract from Microsoft Word.
Single consolidated contract archive
Searchable by meta-data tags including commercial terms and exceptions.
Automated generation of standardized contracts
With conditional approval routing for variances in terms and conditions.
TruView CLM Features
Contractual Analytics
Analytics and BI on the contracts data can be enabled to track contract leakages, talent fee trends etc.
Use of clause library to allow for limited, pre-approved exceptions
Drive standardized language for easy search and risk management.
Notification of changes to terms and expirations
Support renewal processes including up-sells and price resets; Track expirations, prevent paying for lapsed services.
TruView CLM Benefits
Greater Negotiating Power
Solution provides 360 view of deals including all data points of past shows allowing to negotiate better.
Simplified Contract Creation
TruView CLM allows for drafters to create contracts using a user-friendly wizard and reuse clauses, options and other legal constructs.
Normalization of Talent Fees
Analytics on TruView CLM allows measuring of threshold, average, range of talent fees and initiate exceptions triggered auto approvals.
Increased Visibility Into Details
Crucial details of the contracts are often buried deep inside them. TruView CLM allows it to be extracted seamlessly and tracked automatically.
Best Industry Solution
TruView CLM is an industry solution – in use by two of the big M&E brands.
TruView™ CLM
TruView™ CLM