Blockchain is a peer-to-peer system of transferring and transacting anything of value. It is an immutable distributed ledger, maintained by the network and updated with consensus. It can be compared to a distributed database but with no single party having control over it.
Birlasoft’s Blockchain offerings help businesses to collaborate in untrusted environments but in a secure manner. We help organizations in value identification, initial discovery, use case identification, PoC/pilot, implementation and integration of the blockchain.
Three blockchain use cases that will accelerate Industry 4.0 journey for manufacturers
Birlasoft featured as an Aspirant in Everest Group Blockchain
Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2020
Focus areas
Banking and Insurance
  • Cross Border Payments
  • International Trade Finance
  • Collateral Management
  • Clearing and Settlements
  • Syndicate Loan Processing
  • Claim Processing and Policy Administration
Discrete Manufacturing & Automotive
  • Supply Chain Tracking and Tracing
  • Audit Trail for Regulatory Approval and Compliance
  • Intra Company Trade and Contract Execution
  • Specific Product Recall
  • Warranty Management
Consumer Goods & Retail
  • Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Provenance and Authenticity
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Payment and Loyalty Management
Lifesciences & Services
  • Pharma Supply Chain Track and Trace
  • Anti Counterfeiting
  • Patient Health Record
  • Authenticating Returned Drugs
  • Improving Quality of Clinical Trial Data
Energy & Utilities
  • Performance Based Contract
  • Performance Attestation and Payment Reconciliation
  • Worker’s and Equipment Identity Management
  • Asset Contract and Performance Management
  • HSE and Regulatory Compliance
Service offerings
Consulting and Advisory
Consulting and Advisory
  • Exploratory Workshops and Use Case Ideation
  • Technology Assessment, and Platform Selection
  • Quick Prototyping and Business Case Preparation
  • Value Discovery
Architecture, Implementation and Integration
Architecture, Implementation and Integration
  • Blockchain Network, Distributed Apps (DApps), and Smart Contracts
  • Integration with augmented technologies i.e. Analytics, IoT, AI, and other digital technologies
  • API Based integration with existing IT applications e.g. ERP
Innovation & Center of Excellence
Innovation & Center of Excellence
  • R&D Lab to facilitate our clients to co-ideate, co-experiment, and co-innovate
  • Industry specific Proof of Concepts and Point of Views
  • Technology Framework and Accelerators
QA & Testing
QA & Testing
  • Validation of Blockchain Network, Smart Contract, Consensus Algorithm and DApps
  • CICD led approach for continuous testing and integration
Underwriting and Claim Processing
Our underwriting and claim processing solution enables Insurance companies reduce the underwriting and claim processing time by providing distributed ledger based solution to share the loss runs across carriers. It also allows customer to control the sharing of the his/her loss runs.
Counterfeit Drug Detection and Supply Chain Traceability
Our multi stage counterfeiting validation solution, with end to end tracing and tracking of medicines or medical equipment on Blockchain, empowers drug manufacturers, distributors, retailers & patients to validate authenticity of drug or medical device. All the counterfeit cases are detected at distributor, retailer or patient level and are automatically recoded on Blockchain with location.
Supply Chain Sustainability
Our supply chain sustainability solution empowers fashion retailers to track supply chain sustainability goals by measuring environmental, social, and economic parameters from cotton harvesting to garment recycling.  It ensures availability of accurate and verifiable information from raw materials to finished goods across the supply chain.
Why Birlasoft
Birlasoft helps organizations to recognize whether Blockchain is a right fit in their business scenarios and problem areas. We support companies in discovering hidden opportunities, determine specific use case, and return on their investments through our value discovery, which is a perfect amalgam of our expertise on industry, domain, and technology.
Blockchain for Enterprises

Helping enterprises come together and collaborate securely in untrusted environments

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Three blockchain use cases that will accelerate Industry ...

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