Despite the fact that computer science has exploded in popularity in the last five decades because humankind has become extremely dependent on technology, it remains a fact that women are not engaging with it at the same pace as men. Many Indian women are denied access to these essential computing disciplines because of societal and cultural barriers. The primary reason for this disconnect is the fact that computer science is often an elective subject in schools. And it has created a longstanding dilemma of prioritizing education over technology.
Birlasoft analyzed this concern and introduced a Corporate Social Responsibility Program - e-vidya with the vision Digital literacy in Indian women.
E-Vidya Digital Literacy Program | Sneak Peek
A Sneak Peek into the e-vidya Computer Literacy Program
SDGs impacted here
The aim of e-vidya program is to support and sustain the overall development of underprivileged girls and women, by providing them basic computer knowledge. Experts coaching on IT skills and training on soft skills together build a strong foundation for the beneficiaries and prepare them for employment.
In the era of digitalization, computing is a life skill. Birlasoft’s CSR project e-vidya framework is designed to cater to the need of digital India. Our community program e-vidya pledges to enable a better tomorrow for the girls and women from marginalized communities. Access to computers and learning tools are provided to the beneficiaries in e-vidya program.
Overall Impact of Our Community Program - e-vidya
  • 2700+ women benefitted
  • Empowered 2200+ through women exemplar program
E-Vidya | Digital Literacy Program for Underprivileged Girls in India
e-vidya IT Skills Program (The Complete Story)
e-vidya Stories
Success stories of the initiative that provides computer education via a digital literacy program for underprivileged girls and women
#WomenEmpowered Stories
Empowering stories of underprivileged girls and women who began the journey to a successful career through the initiative
Community Initiatives at Birlasoft
Community Initiatives at Birlasoft | Create. Collaborate. Change
3rd edition of SABERA as it went Live Virtually on Dec 10th 2020
Birlasoft's e-vidya program received the SABERA 2019 award in the Shiksha (Education) category