Computing has made a phenomenal rise in last five decades, mankind's dependency on technology has increased manifold. But facts reveal that women are not engaging with computing at the same rate as men. Indian women are facing many societal and cultural factors which bars them to learn the stream. Computer, being elective subject in many schools is the primary reason of disconnect. It's the enduring problem of putting Education before technology.
Birlasoft analyzed this concern and launched the Community Initiative of E-Vidya, to support the computer literacy of Indian women. The aim of the program is the overall development of an individual, thus students are given basic computer knowledge through experts and are also trained on various soft skills for a successful foundation.
E-Vidya Computer Literacy Program | Sneak Peek
A Sneak Peek into the E-Vidya Computer Literacy Program
In the era of digitalization, computer literacy is a life skill. Through our community initiative 'E-vidya' we have pledged to enable better tomorrow for underprivileged children with improved access to computers and digital learning tools, especially for girls. The framework of the program harnesses the overall development of an individual and grooms the student for a new professional journey. Students are given basic computer knowledge through experts and trained on various soft skills
E-Vidya | Computer Literacy Program for Underprivileged Girls in India
E-Vidya Computer Literacy Program (The Complete Story)
E-Vidya Stories
E-Vidya Stories
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