Modernizing User Interfaces for Elevating Customer Experience

Aug 25, 2023
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Enhanced user experience is emerging as a top priority for organizations across industries. As organizations optimize their operations and business to remain competitive in the long run, user experience makes all the difference in conversions and engagement. One of the paths that organizations are increasingly adopting in this scenario is that of UI Modernization. UI Modernization transforms user and employee experience, impacting productivity and efficiency for improved business outcomes.
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UI Modernization: Paving the Way for Enhanced Experiences
UI Modernization is leading the enterprise priorities, driven by dynamic customer expectations, technology, and design trends.
  • Customer expectations are changing faster than ever before. Users are continuously exposed to thousands of apps with modern and sleek UI and seek similar experiences when they work or engage with any digital product or platform. Additionally, customers want hyper-personalized experiences based on their preferences. However, most legacy applications fail to meet these expectations, lacking flexibility and leading to poor experience.
  • Up-to-date security and compliance are critical for every organization. Through UI modernization, these can be integrated into the system. Also, through the UI/UX design process, the frontend can be optimized for the mitigation of risks arising from users interacting with poor UI
  • Rapid Technological advancements in the digital space lead to organizations looking at future-proofing their technology in line with the trends to remain competitive in the market
  • Design trends have evolved rapidly, outdated elements need to be removed, and modern UI/UX design must be implemented
Why UI Modernization?
While it may seem normal to continue with the existing UI/UX as long as there are no significant performance issues, modernization can help in harnessing a range of benefits that go beyond transformation and enhancement of experience -
Pitfalls in the UI Modernization Journey
Organizations may face several challenges when they embark on the UI Modernization journey. Planning well ahead and implementing measures to reduce the impact is important. The key factors to consider include:
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  • Time and Budget – Achieving a significant transformation of UI/UX requires the usage of technology and specialists and requires a significant budget to be set aside. Also, simultaneously maintaining the old and new systems adds to the cost. It is also essential to be aware that the time required for the process may be lengthened due to the incorporation of inputs received from user feedback and testing. One solution could be transitioning smaller parts of the system in phases to create business value early on.
  • Misalignment in Expectations – To prevent misalignment, the vision and expectations must be effectively communicated to all key stakeholders. Coordinated efforts towards the goals are key to succeeding in the endeavor.
  • Dealing with Resistance – Any significant change is met with resistance. Hence, training and awareness sessions are required to help users understand and appreciate the benefits of the change while facilitating seamless adoption.
  • Legacy Technology and Outdated Design Elements – Outdated technology may pose further challenges in integrating the latest functionality and implementing design principles, which may require additional effort and cost in assessing large systems and compatibility issues.
  • Striking the Right Balance – While every organization would love to have a sleek and ultra-modern UI, the functionality and utility of the system should also be considered, and an optimal mix of design and capability/utility should be the end goal.
What To Keep in Mind on Your UI Modernization Journey?
To succeed in the UI Modernization journey, organizations must focus on the following –
User-centric Approach to Create Business Value
The user must be at the center of the design process. The entire process should be built around the user’s needs, objectives, and ways to minimize challenges. In this context, the iterative design thinking approach can be ideal. Through research, the challenges faced by the user can be understood. Next, the challenges are articulated based on all the information/data. The next steps involve brainstorming and ideating, followed by prototyping and testing.
Modernizing User Interfaces for Elevating Customer Experience
Choosing the Right Technology
Organizations must do their due diligence in choosing a compatible technology stack that is relevant to the business and its requirements.
Evaluate and Re-architect the Frontend
The existing frontend architecture must be assessed based on top criteria such as performance, accessibility, and maintainability. The ensuing plan must consider this evaluation to choose the right architecture.
For instance, Micro frontends can be leveraged for autonomous and hassle-free implementations with multiple teams working on different fragments.
Effective Communication and Stakeholder Alignment
The UI Modernization strategy and the value it would add to the existing processes must be communicated, and throughout the journey, collaboration and alignment with key stakeholders is necessary.
Consistency and Continuous Improvement
The UI must be consistent across channels and connected systems. Keeping the UI up to date is a continuous process, and incremental changes based on regular feedback and user research must be incorporated to keep the system as relevant and easy to use as ever.
UI Modernization will be Imperative for Future Growth
UI Modernization can be a game-changer for organizations, super-charging user experience and engagement, leading to better revenue and growth. Organizations must understand and assess the need and take steps toward creating an effective UI Modernization plan to delight their customers and employees.
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