At Birlasoft, we are committed to nurturing an inclusive environment, recognizing, rewarding, and empowering diverse talent with equal access to opportunities, and driving business through the power of DEI.
We believe that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is imperative to help us achieve our Vision of being.
Diversity Equity Inclusion
Proprietary frameworks and accelerators
Proprietary frameworks and accelerators
Proprietary frameworks and accelerators
Proprietary frameworks and accelerators
Ethnicity & Nationality
Our Commitment
Actively building a diverse and inclusive workplace for all
Providing career comeback opportunities
Investing in executive learning and development for professional growth
Conducting gender sensitization workshops
Prioritizing safety initiatives
Offering work flexibility
Implementing focused mentoring programs
Conducting unconscious bias training
Our Guiding Values
Coexistence | Collaborate | Considerate | Care
  • We believe in empowering not just one gender but creating a workplace that supports 'Coexistence' where we all 'Collaborate' while being 'Considerate' to differences in working styles and 'Caring' for special needs.
  • We have curated policies, procedures, initiatives, and ERG groups to create a workplace where everyone feels included and valued and can thrive in a bias-free environment.
  • We readily integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies in recruitment, performance management, training, and other processes to continually strengthen the inclusive environment. Inclusion is at the heart of all DEI initiatives and business processes.
  • We have a dedicated council of leaders from across the organization who are responsible for leading, sponsoring, and promoting DEI.
Our DEI Charter focuses on
ESG - Environmental
Affirmative Hiring
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We practice Affirmative Hiring, an approach to employment for hiring diverse groups that extends beyond ensuring equal opportunity. We seek to address inequalities by implementing targeted recruitment efforts to promote diversity. We aim to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace through these measures.
  • We have a tie-up with Herkey to help us achieve our diversity targets
  • Quarterly review of DEI targets
  • 1/3 rd candidatures to be Women for Managerial and Leadership positions
  • Focus on Campus hiring target
  • Hiring campaigns focused on diversity
  • Employee Referral schemes
  • Women returnship from career break & Maternity Returnship Program
ESG - Social
Sensitization for Culture building
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We are dedicated to cultivating a bias-free workplace. We promote diversity and develop an inclusive environment that ensures fairness while nurturing diverse talent.
  • Raising awareness envisaging the importance of DEI across levels
  • DEI Sensitization of employees, vendors & clients to promote fairness and behavior supporting inclusion
  • Unconscious Bias training for all employees to nurture an inclusive work culture
  • We have a tie-up with The Global DEI Alliance to help us access our DEI efforts. Our current GDEIA's Inclusive Business Maturity Card score stands at 7.1 in the category of Discoverer.
ESG - Governance
Development & Retention
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Our inclusive culture enables us to attract and develop top talent from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to women's leadership development, mentoring programs, and actively running Employee Resource Groups (ERG). Additionally, we implement targeted retention strategies to support and retain our diverse talent.
  • Women Leadership Development Program.
  • Mentoring Program.
  • Focused Engagement & Support Forums.
  • Technical & competency development programs.
  • Online platform for learning and development (Coursera).
  • Skill folio, our skill transformation initiative aims at competency assessment.
  • Focused Retention drives.
DEI Initiatives Organization-Wide
Her Voice Unplugged
  • A forum that brings together Birlasoft's senior women executives in leadership positions from across the globe.
  • The intent is to help women connect, inspire, learn, and bond with each other personally and professionally.
Connect Up
  • An early career mentoring program.
  • Encourages young women professionals to share workplace experiences, discuss career aspirations, and make the most of opportunities with women leaders at Birlasoft.
B-empowered Women Leadership Program
  • Adds to the succession pipeline by grooming women leaders for more senior roles.
  • Target audience: Women employees in the mid-senior layer with at least one year of experience in the organization.
  • Consists of a one-year learning intervention followed by a 6-month 1-on-1 mentoring program.
Rendezvous with Verve
  • A sensitization platform where CXOs and senior leaders share insights on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
Inspiring Conversations with Customers | #SheEmpowers
  • Invites established women leaders from the customer network to share inspiring achievement stories annually.
Unconscious Bias Training
  • Our Unconscious Bias Training focuses on self-reflection, moving past biases, choosing inclusive behavior, understanding challenges, addressing barriers, promoting fairness and equity, and developing diverse talent.
Maternity Returnship Program
  • Designed to facilitate the return of employees after a professional break.
Employee Friendly Policies
DEI Speaks
Arun Rao
"In our journey to success, diversity, equity, and inclusion is not a checkbox; it’s the very essence of who we are. We believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace is imperative to help us achieve our Vision. We treat everyone with respect, leaving no room for discrimination. Our belief is simple: people thrive when they collaborate seamlessly, contributing their unique strengths to help the organization achieve its goals. Together, we have built a workplace where everyone counts, and success knows no boundaries."
Kamini Shah
"As a women leader at Birlasoft, I feel both comfortable and motivated in my personal and professional development. Serving as an executive sponsor of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), I am proud to make a meaningful difference. Birlasoft is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment, ensuring equal opportunities for diverse talent. Our focus on a bias-free workplace is evident through policies, ERGs, and initiatives. Inclusion is central to our diverse culture, fostering all three C’s - Coexistence, Collaboration & Consideration. We prioritize diversity in gender, disability, ethnicity, nationality, veterans, and LGBTQ+ inclusion, attracting top talent and driving innovative solutions for clients. Our ongoing commitment includes overcoming unconscious biases, promoting inclusivity, and delivering exceptional results with understanding and respect. "
Sarika Arora Saini
"At Birlasoft, Being a DEI Leader I feel very proud that the work am doing is aligned to my higher purpose of making a difference in people’s life. I feel privileged to champion Diversity & Inclusion for an organization which propagates equitable environment & fosters a sense of mutual trust and respect in the workplace. We are persistently striving to ensure that people thrive in the company of each other, collaborating effectively to help the organization achieve its goals, Our DEI charter is focusing on Diverse hiring, sensitization and development of diverse talent & we are Continuously working towards breaking Unconscious biases and fostering an inclusive workplace."
Vipin Jamwal
"Diversity brings a wide-angle lens to a group’s perspective and approach on any given task. Each one of us has a vantage point from where we see the world and it differs due to our diverse origin, make, background, experience, and choices that we make in life. In Birlasoft, we absorb inputs coming in from these different viewpoints to enrich our perspective on a given situation. We celebrate this enrichment of perspectives brought about by a diverse group of people.

As a Veteran, I have found acceptance and encouragement to bring in my perspective on key aspects from time to time. Wearing the hat of a DEI representative for my business unit, I am enthused to work on simplifying & demystifying the diversity targets into achievable goals by the key stake holders in the business unit. Overall, I feel empowered and engaged in making a small difference in everything that touches us as part of the organization. "
Arti Warikoo
"At Birlasoft, I've immersed myself in a culture committed to diversity equity and inclusion. Daily, I navigate diverse roles within teams, finding each challenge a learning opportunity. Despite time zone differences, Birlasoft's flexibility ensures a perfect work-life balance. It's a people-centric organization that prioritizes career growth and cross-skilling, offering the flexibility to choose one's path. The unique culture nurtures both personal and professional fulfillment, making Birlasoft an exceptional workplace."
Satinder Juneja
"At Birlasoft, we are deeply committed to cultivating a culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This is not just a corporate initiative for us, but a core value that drives every aspect of our work. I am personally passionate about DEI because I believe that when people from diverse backgrounds come together, they create a rich tapestry of ideas and perspectives that fuel innovation and growth. Professionally, I am dedicated to ensuring that our marketing strategies reflect our unwavering commitment to DEI, helping us connect with our diverse customer base in meaningful ways. I believe that true progress happens when everyone has a seat at the table and a voice that is heard."
Sanjeev Singh
"At Birlasoft, my Naval career’s lessons in unity have found new ground. Witnessing firsthand the evolution of women’s roles from support to command both in military and corporate spheres has been transformative. I’ve shed unconscious biases and embraced DEI not just as policy but as a personal mission. Mentoring women colleagues to success has shown me that diverse leadership isn’t just fair—it’s formidable. As part of our DEI council, I’m committed to fostering an environment where every voice propels us forward"
Atul Dubey
"At Birlasoft, I feel very blessed to be part of DEI council and my past practices on DEI have stretched a next stage. I’ve had the privilege of advocating, witnessing the transformative impact of DEI initiatives. It’s not just a policy for me, but a personal quest deep from the heart. Diversity & Inclusion are deeply intertwined concepts, essentially complimenting each other but far from interchangeable. Diversity is about recognizing, embracing the valuable diverse assets with varied perspectives, experiences, and insights. Inclusion focuses on creating a culture where all individuals are valued & supported. This fosters a thriving atmosphere with a sense of equity and belongingness amongst all. It's an ongoing journey, real change happens when policies go from papers to people and I can see that is happening in the organisation. I am being a DEI leader, committed to nurturing the same environment in the organisation."
Awards & Recognitions
Kamini Shah Honored as Best CFO for Promoting DEI
Kamini Shah Honored as Best CFO for Promoting DEI
Birlasoft Shines at 'Path to Parity' with the Diversity Growth Award
Birlasoft Shines at 'Path to Parity' with the Diversity Growth Award
Kamini Shah Awarded as FE Visionary Leader of 2024 in FE Power List at the FE Finance Leadership Dialogue
Kamini Shah Awarded as FE Visionary Leader of 2024 in FE Power List at the FE Finance Leadership Dialogue
Birlasoft Shines Bright at AccelHerate and DivHersity Awards 2024
Birlasoft Shines Bright at AccelHerate and DivHersity Awards 2024
Kamini Shah Leading the Financial Frontier as CFO of the Year at Future of Finance Summit and Awards 2024
Kamini Shah Leading the Financial Frontier as CFO of the Year at Future of Finance Summit and Awards 2024
Our Sr Director HR (Global Head) - Sarika Saini shines as AccelHerate and DiveHersity Awards for Top 20 DivHERsity Champions (Large Enterprises)
Our Sr Director HR (Global Head) - Sarika Saini shines as AccelHerate and DiveHersity Awards for Top 20 DivHERsity Champions (Large Enterprises)
Birlasoft Certified as DEI Crusader at ET NOW Diversity & Inclusion Summit 2024
Birlasoft Certified as DEI Crusader at ET NOW Diversity & Inclusion Summit 2024
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