Supplier Risk Radar
Supplier Risk Radar
Minimize supplier risk exposure and build disruption-free supply chains with an AI-powered preventive risk mitigation solution
Build supply chain resilience to thrive in the COVID-19 age
Sourcing and procurement leaders are struggling to effectively track their suppliers' sustainability in these uncertain times of COVID-19. They need to predict potential supplier failures that might adversely affect their operations and disrupt their supply chain.
Suppliers across the world are struggling with financial, operational, regional, and regulatory issues in these uncertain times. Manual audits, spreadsheets, external risk assessments used by firms aren't fit enough to mitigate supplier risk in these times. Sourcing and procurement leaders need to find innovative ways to predict potential supplier disruptions early on in the cycle, make smarter decisions on supplier selection, and minimize the damage.
Predicting supplier failures was never this easy
24 x 7
preventive monitoring
Intelligent. Comprehensive. Bespoke.
Predictive AI engine
An early warning solution that underpins on lagging and leading indicators from over 30K sources and 25+ warning signals to review. 24 x 7 insights through event detection, classification & reporting. No need to wait for periodic auditor reviews.
Smart 360° assessment
The AI powered predictive engine uses financial, operational, environmental, social, regulatory, legal, and regions datapoints to arrive at the risk score of a supplier.
Alternative supplier planning
Customizable risk metrics and scoring based on your business processes that recommends alternative suppliers in case of disruption.
Supplier Risk Radar
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Easy to implement
Advisory, assessment, implementation, and support for end-to-end rollouts. We can get this started in two weeks' time.
Highly compatible
Highly compatible
Easily integrates with other systems through APIs and sources financial data, external agency data, etc. for risk scoring.
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Supplier risk can have long-standing consequences for businesses, and the risk increases manifold in times like COVID-19.
Act now to minimize your supplier risk in these uncertain times.
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