KPIT's IT Services business has now merged with Birlasoft to form a leading $500M publicly listed Enterprise Digital and IT Services company. As part of the multibillion dollar diversified CK Birla Group, Birlasoft with its 10,000 employees, is committed to continuing our 150 year heritage of building sustainable communities. Birlasoft combines the power of domain, enterprise and digital technologies to reimagine business processes for customers and their ecosystem. Its consultative and design thinking approach makes societies more productive by helping customers run businesses.
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Birlasoft wins SAP Customer Experience Americas Service Delivery Partner Award for 2018
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Empower your business with our innovative JD Edwards solutions now!
As world's largest JD Edwards Service Provider, our innovative JD Edwards based solutions, demonstrate our in-depth understanding and robust expertise, and help organizations adapt to the digital economy and create market differentiation.
For media and entertainment companies, Contract Lifecycle Management at a click
Get TruView™ CLM, a cloud-based Media Contract Management Solution that provides guided, deal point entry, advanced contract management capabilities and tracking of media content from acquisition to payments.
Accelerate your Connected Products Journey with intelliAsset™
Turn your data into a profit center with Birlasoft intelliAsset™ - a platform providing capabilities for asset visualization, analytics and actions in near real time.
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#PanelDiscussion | #KapilUniyal will be part of a panel at the Enterprise DC & Cloud 2019 Summit. Be part of this i…


#EnterpriseReimagined | A #BiggerFasterSmarter future is here! Check the link for more.


#SameTimeLastWeek | Rushes from the #CakeCutting and #LogoUnveiling sessions at #Pune, graced by the presence of…


#EnterpriseReimagined | Get set for #Bigger ideas, #Faster turnaround, #Smarter results. A #BiggerFasterSmarter fut…


#EnterpriseReimagined Get set for #Bigger ideas, #Faster turnaround, #Smarter results. A #BiggerFasterSmarter future is here!

#EnterpriseReimagined | John Danese is scheduled to speak at the #MDMConference in California next month. #RegisterNow for the session as he cuts through the buzzwords and jargon around #digitaltransformation, and shares real-world examples. #speaker #MDM19

#EnterpriseReimagined | Great celebration scenes from our office in #Columbus, USA. Wonderful to see employees celebrate the merging of two organizations with much enthusiasm and zeal!

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