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Birlasoft's Testing, CRM, Analytics and ERP Services help Media & Entertainment companies run their day-to-day business with ease. Digital and IT Transformation services lead our new-age transformation services that help Media & Entertainment clients, across segments, in being future-ready.
Segment Offerings
The Media and Broadcasting industry is undergoing a paradigm shift due to the way content is created and consumed. The shift imminently demands re-visiting the technology infrastructure. The key focus for next years will be: Creation of Digital-centric processes to accelerate time-to-market, boost productivity and minimize costs, Leverage data and analytics to stay relevant to consumer (contextual content), deliver seamless offerings for viewers as well as advertisers on multiple screens (Mobile channels) and Storage and distribution of content on the cloud to enable anytime, anywhere access.
Capabilites / Services
  • TruView CLM - Contract Lifecycle Management solution for Media Industry
  • Data Science & Connected BI
  • Content Management (Adobe, Drupal, Sitecore)
  • UX Design
  • Cloud solution for Content publishing
  • Testing Accelerators in TV & Broadcast, Scheduling & Airing, Sales & Research, Films etc.
Timely delivery and Content variation is of essence for Media & Entertainment industry. Birlasoft's Media and Entertainment solutions help business deal with complexities in contractual cycles and content management with ease.
TruView CLM
Technological advances in media industry have changed the way the content is generated and consumed and as a result has increased complexity of contract related processes manifold.
  • Lack of Visibility into current contracts and obligations
  • High Closure time leading to contract delays
  • No Single information source for new contract creation
TruView CLM is aimed at Automation, Simplification and Standardization of contract generation process for media industry.
Solution Overview
TruView CLM a cloud based solution that provides a guided deal point entry, advanced contract management capabilities along with real time analytics for quick turn around and closure of deal.
  • Greater Negotiating power
  • Simplified contract creation
  • Normalization of talent fees
  • Increased visibility into details
  • Best Industry solution
Digitalization has taken Media, Entertainment and Publishing industry by storm. Birlasoft's partnership is helping companies become leaner and customer centric by offering services across Content Management, Production and Customer Engagement.
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