Get a “Lens” into your Salesforce

TruLens, a tool built on the Salesforce Platform, provides insights into the existing Salesforce implementation by analyzing the configuration and custom development

against best practices to discover underlying problems resulting in productivity and adoption issues

Salesforce customers, typically, have complex use cases and multiple orgs across their enterprise. To drive 360 degree views on platform, there is an implosion of data and custom development.

Over a period of time, the platform becomes slow, unmanageable and less user-friendly


With multiple orgs across the enterprise, how does one consolidate orgs and retire redundant orgs?
We store confidential contract info. How do we audit field & security settings?
Our development was outsourced – how do we review development practices?
How can we measure the quality of adoption and application usage?
How do we migrate to Lightning without risking Business As Usual?
How do we simplify legacy custom functionality?
Salesforce has had in 16 product releases & 600+ new features in the last 5 years. How do we get the best the platform can offer?
We moved from Siebel to Salesforce & customized heavily when we set it up. How can we move to more Out of the Box functionality?
Greater negotiating power

Increasing Technologies

(Salesforce Lightning, IoT, Wave )

Greater negotiating power


(Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), Field Services Management, e-Commerce)

Greater negotiating power

Data Sources

Multiple Salesforce Orgs, ERP Integrations

Greater negotiating power

Cloud Products

Increasing cloud products (10 in 2016 v/s 3 in 2013) is adding to the complexity of salesforce implementation

Our Solution: TruLens

A tool built on the salesforce platform for optimizing your Salesforce implementation


  • Insight into complexity of the customizations

    Customization counts with usage and statistics across custom developments and managed packages

  • Data volume, growth and utilization report

    Measure the adoption by quickly analyzing the usage of the meta-data (Fields, Objects, etc.) and data growth pattern

  • Meta-data snapshot and configuration workbooks

    Digitally signed meta-data snapshot along with data model, Integration and security workbooks

  • Visibility into the platform customization

    Easily browse through your data model, configurations and custom development in an easy to use format

  • Automated findings and recommendations

    Easy to read and understand findings and recommendations on the current org configurations based on the best practice standards


Platform Health and Improvements

  • A View of Customizations & Usage (objects, field, records, etc.)
  • An Overview of the ‘Health’ of your Org (complexity and maintainability)
  • Detailed Analysis of Customizations by Object
  • Recommendations & Findings
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams, Unit Test coverage

Project Readiness

  • Lightning Readiness check
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams

Security, Audits

  • Complete Database of Metadata for Analysis
  • Digital Certificate for Use in Audits

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