Having your PLM and ERP systems out of sync can create challenges throughout the inventory and order management process. Birlasoft brings a proven, economical solution. Birlasoft's iLink PLM Adaptor solves the integration challenge by connecting leading PLM Applications to ERP system. iLink facilitates to-and-from information flow between your ERP and the PLM.
Birlasoft's iLink eliminates the uncertainties around cost & delivery of PLM & ERP integration
Key features of iLink
  • No additional hardware or middleware required
  • Bi-Directional - not just an Item/BOM/Change push
  • Can integrate multiple PLM instances with a single ERP instance
  • Supports major PLM systems
  • Dynamic mapping - interface fields can be edited without changing code
iLink Synchronizes
  • Bills of Materials
  • Items and Revisions
  • Engineering Change Orders
  • Demand Planning
  • Manufacturers and Manufactured Parts
  • Product Quality Problem Reports
  • Configurator
iLink Benefits
  • Improved data quality and accuracy
  • Better adherence to design intent and customer requirements
  • Reliable closed-loop transaction management
  • Low cost, fixed priced product and deployment
See how iLink PLM Adaptor for ERP makes integration seamless Agile PLM to JD Edwards
Agile PLM to JD Edwards
Windchill PLM to JD Edwards
idirectional capabilities of making changes inJDE & pushing it back into Agil
Bidirectional capabilities of making changes in JDE & pushing it back into Agile

Verify Data Integrity

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CAD Data Migration Solution

iLink - The PLM Adaptor for ERP

Seamless ERP to PLM integration

iLink’s Bi-directional Capabilities

Demo of iLink’s bi-directional capabilities of making changes in JD Edwards and pushing it back to Agile

Seamlessly Integrate Windchill PLM with JDEdwards ERP

See how easy iLink make the process of change order in Windchill PLM being pushed over into JDE containing new...

Birlasoft iLink eliminates the uncertainties around cost ...

The importance of a solid, trouble-free synchronization between #PLM systems and #ERP systems can't be understated.