Birlasoft intelliOpen
An intelligent system for contactless screening of people, social distancing monitoring, and contact tracing
Build resilience to thrive in the COVID-19 age
EHS, facility leaders and CIOs can't contain the spread of COVID-19 solely with thermal cameras. They must augment their primary lines of defense with an analytics-based, integrated solution to better control the spread within their manufacturing plants, warehouses, corporate or regional facilities, store fronts, and field locations.
Blackswan events like COVID-19 call for agile and innovative responses. The pandemic has impacted businesses across all industries leading to unplanned downtimes, extended shutdowns and disrupted operations. COVID-19 has pushed manufacturing, retail, airlines, hospitality, life sciences, and professional services firms to innovative ways to reverse the downturn.
As businesses start to show signs of resilience, EHS, facility management leaders, and CIOs will need to rebuild safer, compliant workplaces that can keep employees productive and run business as usual operations.
  • Contactless self-check-in, self-declaration. Integration with employee badge system
  • Contactless thermal screening and secondary screening workflows. Facial recognition, voice recognition, and more
  • Implement and administer social distancing compliance
  • Discover hotspot areas and define workflows to ensure everyone's safety
  • Trace contacts who came in proximity of an infected person within your premises
  • Monitor employee health based on their health risk profile generated by our contact tracing system
  • Check facility occupancy and utilization
  • Integrate with existing systems such as Time and Attendance, and access control for connected enterprise
Thermal screening provides the first line of defense.
You need a second line of defense enabling social distancing and contact tracing.
Birlasoft intelliOpen™ uses digital technologies to provide you with the much-needed defense as part of your 'return-to-work' strategy, be it reopening the business or running operations in a compliant manner.
Improved Assurance
Assure the highest order of safety with features such as contactless screening, employee self-declaration, and integration with systems such as Time & Attendance and access control. Get the flexibility to choose hardware (thermal cameras, contact tracing tags, etc.) based on regulations.
Early Detection
Improve employee and worker safety. Proactively make contingency plans by analyzing safety metrics and trends discovered over multiple days across multiple facilities.
Rapid Action
Send alerts & notifications to key stakeholders in the event of new EBT or quarantine case detection, non-compliance of social distancing, and/or facility hotspot identification. Redirect EBT cases to secondary screening queue. Restrict access of EBT or confirmed cases and support them with timely medical aid and quarantine guidance.
Stringent Compliance and Vigilance
Trace those who came in proximity of symptomatic or COVID-19 positive employees during their asymptomatic phase. Generate and maintain regulatory compliance reports related to facilities, etc., by analyzing data gathered over multiple days. Birlasoft intelliOpen is HIPAA and GDPR compliant to ensure data privacy and confidentiality.
Customized to meet your specific business needs
Camera agnostic
Robust and flexible
intelliOpen™ is built on our proven IoT & Analytics platform. The solution is agnostic of hardware (thermal cameras, contact tags,etc.) make or model
Works for all industries
Works for all industries
Manufacturing, Retail, Airline, Hospitality, Life Sciences, BFSI, Energy & Utilities, and Professional Services firms
Quick implementation
Quick implementation
Advisory, assessment, implementation, and support for end-to-end rollouts. The solution can be deployed in a week's time.
Flexible commercial model
Flexible commercial model
Flexible pricing models to meet your bespoke business needs and budgets.
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Act now to succeed in the COVID-19 age
Build safer workplaces
Stay compliant with future regulations
Minimize potential market share loss
Boost up stakeholder confidence
Drive customer service excellence
Your journey from reactive tracking, vulnerable workforce, disrupted operations to proactive tracking, healthy workforce and sustained operations begins here.
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