Birlasoft intelliAsset is a platform that provides capabilities for asset visualization, analytics and actions in near real time. With intelliAsset, all your disparate data is on one system, visualized beautifully in near real time, forecasting performance, predicting changes and prescribing action.
Visualize better with integrated operation, geospatial and business data on one system in near real-time
Rapidly perform calculations, catch anomalies, and establish trends in asset behavior and maintenance. Forecast future production, asset failure and workforcenplan
Get ahead of the game with alerts, intelligentTM workflows, diagnosis, prescriptive maintenance and empowered field service
Turn your Data into Profit Center
intelliAsset turns your data into a profit center. intelliAsset is ideal for:
  • Asset owners who want a simple monitoring solution
  • Asset operators who need complex analytics and forecasting to plan ahead
  • Asset maintenance firms who want to automate manual processes and turn unplanned repairs into planned maintenance
  • Original Equipment manufacturers who want to streamline monitoring, parts delivery and repair procedures
  • Other companies who want to modernize and integrate their asset strategy
Events & Alerts
Work Management
Lower Costs
Reduce unplanned outages and get the best ROI
Improve Performance
Optimize your asset and workforce performance
Mitigate Risk
Predict and prepare for changes in operation
O&M Management
  • Asset maintenance insights
  • Integrated workflow from service to inventory
  • Advanced analytics for optimized operations
O&M Technicians
  • Fault analysis & guided repair
  • Parts information
  • Service feedback
Asset Operators
  • Performance reports
  • Service alerts & orders
  • Advanced analytics for optimized operations
O&M Command Center
  • Remote diagnostics & monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Guided troubleshooting
intelliAsset for Silos
Supply Chain Optimization and Silo Management for Modern Ready-Mix Concrete Business
The Technology
How intelliAsset fits your technology landscape
intelliAsset – Three Core Components
intelliAsset has three components that are available separately or together
Integrated Analytics
Visualize events and analyze your data on one system, with near-real time data and integration with GIS and business systems.
Diagnostics Engine
A diagnostics engine, trusted by tier one automotive companies, does the heavy lifting, helping you monitor events and prevent faults. An always-learning system uses past events to diagnose, prevent and prescribe corrective action.
Predictive Intelligence
Predictive intelligence will warn you before an asset fails, and prescribe corrective action. In addition, historical data can be used to predict your asset output and optimal workforce levels required at any given time.
intelliAsset for Silos
intelliAsset for Silos
Birlasoft intelliAsset for Silos
Birlasoft intelliAsset for Silos
IntelliAsset for Factories
IntelliAsset for Factories
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Smart Meters Accelerator
Smart Lights Accelerator
Smart Lights Accelerator