Operational Efficiency has been in the DNA of Birlasoft. Historically, Birlasoft has been delivering Operational Efficiency through methodologies such as, "Active quality" and supporting tools such as, "Klarity".
Today, we continue to address our customer challenges of delivering their products and services, with improved visibility, collaboration and cost management through our experienced service offerings
We support a wide range of licensed and open source DevOps tool chain that include SCM, Work Management, Test Management, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), and Monitoring. Our own Smart AMS is a comprehensive set of well-defined end-to-end assets including methodology, accelerators, tools, technologies, and organizational constructs that work together to enable us to provide AMS services that are proactive, quality focused, predictable, optimized, flexible.
DevOps Adoption Roadmap
  • Understand and Define KPIs
  • Application landscape assessment
  • Study exiting tool portfolio and maturity
  • Application level assessments
  • Collect data, Analyze and Recommend
Automation Pilots
  • Define Governance model
  • Pilot for SCM, WM, TM, CA, CBA, CI, CD, Containers, Test automation, Configuration management etc.
  • Smart AMS
Go live
  • Refine Governance model
  • Training
  • Plan and execute full scale adoption
Benefits Delivered
Improved Operational Efficiency through:
  • Standardized Development Methodology
  • Requirement Traceability
  • Automated Quality Gates
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Centralized Control