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Drive Digital ambition and scale beyond RPA by harnessing Birlasoft’s Intelligent Automation arsenal that works
Rapid digital transformation across all industries has left businesses ripe for intelligent automation. Leverage the power of AI, ML, and cognitive technologies to automate everything digital - from digital processes, and technology platforms to employee workflows. Achieve true customer centered experience, maximal productivity, lightning-fast speed, and errorless execution across all processes with our automation practice.
Birlasoft partners with the best-of-breed automation platforms and services and brings holistic expertise across the spectra of digital technologies to help businesses like yours achieve quick RoI and high productivity at scale with lower costs. Having partnered on 1000+ automation projects with leading businesses across different industries, our automation practice helps you navigate through all stages of your automation maturity journey - let’s partner to drive value from your existing RPA programs, create customer centered experience as a differentiator, with the power of intelligent automation.
Birlasoft Announces a Global, Strategic Partnership with Freshworks Inc.
Building a cyber-regulatory compliance automation platform with
Featured Solutions
TruRPA / Birlasoft’s TruRPA Framework
TruRPA / Birlasoft’s TruRPA Framework
From RPA adoption maturity assessment to Security, Infrastructure, Compliance and Governance automation with UIPath, blue prism, and more.
Birlasoft TruBI / Reporting automation
Birlasoft TruBI / Reporting automation
Automated rationalization, consolidation and reporting with Birlasoft’s self-service BI solution for decision support.
TruDat / Automated data validation
TruDat / Automated data validation
Power your business with high-quality data by checking for data completeness, conformance, accuracy, and consistency.
Commercial line submission automation
Automated submission ingestion, triage, and underwriting decisioning for commercial insurers / Cyber-regulatory compliance automation
Automate cyber-regulatory compliance and governance processes with AI, ML, and NLP-based platform
Maximizing your RPA impact at scale from intelligent automation
Employee Centric Automation to Enhance the Employee Experience
Employee Centric Automation to Enhance the Employee Experience
Automate repetitive processes to boost employee experience. Leverage rule-based automation and RPA to boost efficiency and lower the cost of operations.
Embrace intelligent automation for higher-level tasks to further improve business processes
Embrace intelligent automation for higher-level tasks to further improve business processes
Cognitive automation for human-like oversight. Bring the power of AI and ML to intelligence-demanding automation use cases for significantly improving the RoI.
The subtle art of self-healing automation
The subtle art of self-healing automation
Fail-proof your bots with self-healing algorithms. Automate triaging and recovery of outage-causing bot behaviors to keep your automated workflows up and running
Our Offerings
Consulting Services
  • Organizational Enablement
  • A planned process automation strategy with continuous improvement
  • Automation maturity & scalability – Factory Model
  • Change management by effective delivery, handling & communication
  • Automation analytics – performance tracking
  • Hyperautomation – RPA + Cognitive Technologies (AI/ML)
Automation COE
  • Establish COE Structure and Operating Model
  • Define COE Governance Model
  • Automation Platform Assessment
  • Define Best Practices
  • Frameworks and accelerators
  • Automated Process Discovery & Assessment – Process Mining
Pre-Built Component Library for
  • Ready to deploy Bots– Audit bots, Tax bots, AP bots, PO to SO bots
  • Ready to deploy Chatbots – help desk, HR, Logistic chatbots
  • Rapid financial decisioning
  • Automated IT Service Management
  • Seamless Cloud Migration
Automation Solutions/Frameworks
  • Birlasaft TruRPA Framework – Jump start & scale automation programs
  • Submission Intake Automation
  • Claims Processing Automation
  • Birlasoft TruBI
  • Birlasoft TruDat
  • – Cyber Regulatory Compliance Automation
Automation Development
  • Detailed process analysis and feasibility study
  • Define automation roadmap
  • Infra planning and security management
  • Bot development and deployment
  • Governance, monitoring and performance improvement
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