The Journey of Smart, Connected Products (SCP)
The manufacturing industry across the globe is undergoing the next wave of radical shift - a shift where what they manufacture (products), and how they design, manufacture, procure, and service these products has become critical more than ever before.
The biggest driver of this change is technology. Since many decades, technology has been leveraged to automate activities in the value chain and integrate these activities across business functions, geographies and boundaries. Advances in technology such as computing power and size of hardware and sensors, affordability of technology, and pervasive internet connectivity, has today, made it possible to embed technology into the products and assets to make them smarter and connected. With Smart, Connected Products, organizations can eventually make sense of the performance of their assets or products in factory, field or wherever the customer is, and proactively respond to ensure continued functioning of the product and service excellence.
The ability to quickly transform the business and to sustain this transformation in the long run is what will differentiate manufacturing organization from competition. For example -
Transforming Business Models – Discovering newer revenue streams such as moving from 'Make and Sell' to 'Make, Sell, Service' by embedding technology in your products
Transforming Processes – Making assets smarter and connected for proactive maintenance and maximizing uptime, and better safety and customer experience
11 Ways IoT is Massively Transforming Global Supply Chains
11 Ways IoT is Massively Transforming Global Supply Chains
Explore how firms are applying IoT in supply chain management.
Birlasoft intelliOpen
An intelligent system for contactless screening of people, social distancing monitoring, and contact tracing
Smart, Connected Products – Application Scenarios
Product Innovation
  • Product Design
  • Predict Performance
  • Improve Reliability
  • Battery Diagnostics
  • New Business Models
Consumer Experience
  • Usage Patterns
  • Personalization
  • User Interaction
  • Reordering
Operational Improvements
  • Service Optimization
  • Warranty Management
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Early warning
Field Service
  • Connected Service
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Warranty Analytics
Our Offerings
At Birlasoft, we enable manufacturing companies to develop “Smart” and “Connected” products. We provide services, platforms and solution accelerators to help our clients derive and deliver tangible value across their value chain, be it – transforming their business through data driven services such as those for improving the uptime of the products; or enhancing customer experience with recommendations based on advanced analytics such as Utilization patterns, etc.; or enabling real-time service excellence for them. Our offerings include –
  • Support Product Engineering - sensor recommendation, field gateway and connectivity solutions leveraging recent technologies like IoT, NBIoT, LTE-CAT M, etc.
  • Platform Selection and Implementation - IoT Platform (Cloud / On Premise) evaluation and selection based on multiple parameters such as security, governance, control, connectivity, analytics capabilities, etc.; and implementation
  • Operations monitoring - Operations Command Center setup for connected products using our IoT based platform "IntelliAsset"
  • Analytics - Data Science and Advance Analytics based modeling for cognitive and predictive use cases and insights. (e.g. predictive maintenance, warranty analytics, usage analytics etc.)
  • Service Excellence and Workforce Training - Mobility and AR-based Solutions for Field Services, Remote Collaboration (e.g. KFieldServe, Respial) to drive end-to-end real-time service excellence and to deliver trainings to employees in virtual or augmented environments, before they start working in the actual production environment
Birlasoft intelliAsset is a platform that provides capabilities for asset visualization, analytics and actions in near real time. With intelliAsset, all your disparate data is on one system, visualized beautifully in near real time, forecasting performance, predicting changes and prescribing action.
Our Solutions and Accelerators
11 Ways IoT is Massively Transforming Global Supply Chains
11 Ways IoT is Massively Transforming Global Supply Chains
Three blockchain use cases that will accelerate Industry 4.0 journey
Three blockchain use cases that will accelerate Industry 4.0 journey
Birlasoft IoT platform for Ready-Mix Cement Industry
Birlasoft IoT platform for Ready-Mix Cement Industry