A tremendous amount of data generated from various sources i.e. processes, employees, and customers can leave businesses overwhelmed if it is not managed and leveraged strategically. Companies that can extract accurate insights by correlating such data can optimize their operations better thus achieving improved business performance and productivity levels while delivering data-driven experiences for better engagement with end-customers. Birlasoft's DiiA framework helps manage complete Data Lifecycle via our services in Data Management, Warehousing, Analytics & Visualization. Birlasoft enables clients to surface actionable insights by analyzing business-related data that can help them to achieve measurable outcomes.
It draws expertise from hundreds of analytics projects and has extensive experience in its focus domains. We provide services around:
  • Strategy and Consulting services for Data and Analytics
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Discovery and Data Governance
  • Data Visualization
  • Big Data
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
  • User Experience and Visualization
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Information Management
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
Leveraging Data: The Most Valuable Global Resource
Leveraging Data: The Most Valuable Global Resource
Demystifying Explainable AI: Benefits, Use Cases, and Models
Demystifying Explainable AI: Benefits, Use Cases, and Models
Understand what is XAI, how it works, benefits, use cases, and examples.
Service Offerings
Data powers decisions. Birlasoft's Data & Analytics services manages complete lifecycle of Data in an organization encompassing Data Sciences, Warehousing, Governance and Visualization.
Data Science & Advanced Analytics
Migrating data between different system / formats is a common need of enterprises undergoing M&A, Business or IT transformations, Historical migration and New Data Lake implementations among others. Accurate data is the raw material maximizing the value of enterprise applications. An insufficient understanding of both source and target can lead to inaccuracies and redundancy in data transfer. A systematic approach in data migration avoids the risks emerging from incorrect data.
Capabilities / Services
Our Factory approach comprising standardized projects leverages:
  • Proven data migration frameworks
  • Industry software development lifecycle aligned solutions
  • Reusable repository from our past experience
  • Proven Cutover strategy
  • In place Front & BackOffice Infrastructure for data migration execution
  • One team model consisting of on-site and off-shore resources
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Business Intelligence, Data Visualization
The most effective way for humans to understand large, complex sets of data is through visual representation. Data visualization is growing in significance and complexity as the data and supporting technology matures. Virtual Data Warehouse, Data Visualization and Data Extraction in Real-time have taken business decision-making to a higher level. Companies are investing heavily in advanced data visualization systems, leveraging the available large data sets to stay ahead.
Capabilities / Services
  • Visualization and Creative Solutions
  • Customer Centric Framework.
  • Collaboration & Data virtualization
  • Mobility and User Experience - Design
  • Instant Improved access to decision making while on the go
  • Native and Browser Mobile BI Platform
  • Data Visualization Framework BI Self Service
  • Provides an easy-to-use BI tools framework to help you generate your own reports
  • Analytical BI and Predictive Modelling
Big Data, Data Lake
Companies are seeking deeper insights from the massive amount of structured & unstructured data to dramatically improve business outcomes. Capturing and storing all data for all business functions, Supporting advanced analytics capabilities, Sharing customer data quickly, Continuously accommodating greater data volumes are the challenges being addressed via Data Management and Analytics. We engage with businesses and IT Sponsors in the "ideation" phase to define business cases.
Capabilities / Services
  • BIG DATA Platform Key Service Offerings
  • Due diligence on Big Data for enterprises
  • Big Data technical architecture
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Installation and administration of Hadoop
  • Design and development on Hadoop Technologies
  • Support & Maintenance & Knowledge transition
  • Big Data & Hadoop, Advance Analytics Key Solution offerings:
    • Fraud & Market Risk in Banks
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Digital Marketing
    • Demand Forecasting in Manufacturing
    • Text mining & Sentiment Analysis
Data Governance, MDM
Data Governance, MDM Software Applications
For every enterprise, Master data is at the heart of its business. It provides the translating mechanism enabling effective business interaction across internal units, external partners and customers. Despite this value, master data is rarely managed as a business asset. The need for MDM and data governance comes up in enterprises operating in Cross lines of Business, Cross Channel Service, Cross Functional Work, Cross Application View, and Mergers & Acquisitions. MDM orchestrates people, process and technology to apply control over the quality of "master" data across an ecosystem.
Capabilities / Services
  • DG Setup
  • Assess current DG organization structure
  • MDM Architecture assessment
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Integration and Data Management best practices
  • Implement MDM/ MDG solution on SAP/ Oracle/ Informatica or Custom
  • Rich Domain Experience in Customer / Product/ Supplier / Employee/ CoA
Data Warehouse, Data Integration
Data Integration assimilates data from heterogeneous sources and in disparate formats to provide a unified view to business user. A complete data integration solution encompasses discovery, cleansing, monitoring, transforming and delivery of data from a variety of sources.
Data Warehouses service offers a complete suite of data warehousing solutions that consists of data warehouse development, implementation, maintenance operations and support. We have extensive experience in implementing full life cycle development projects and employing proven implementation methodology.
Capabilities / Services
Data Integration :
  • Data Integration Architecture Consulting and Definition
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Data Integration Enablement for Emerging Business Cases
  • Data Integration Capabilities in the Cloud
  • Data Integration Competency Center
Data Warehouse :
  • Architecture & Design Services
  • Operational Data Store (ODS) and Data mart building
  • Data modeling, Data mart development & Data integration
  • ETL
Businesses are relying on analytics for predictability, auto-solutioning and unravelling hidden trends. Birlasoft's Data & Analytical solutions empower businesses towards data-driven decision making for more accurate and lower cost results.
ConnectedBITM Framework in Salesforce provides actionable and predictive insights on business performance by seamlessly mining data from structured and unstructured data sources through its Semantic Knowledge Engine. The framework which provides Google like search capability with an analytical output empowers our customers to identify business threats and opportunities that might have otherwise gone undiscovered.
Solution Overview
  • Data Mashups and Mining available for all major data sources
  • Auto-indexing across data sources & NLP based Google like search
  • Processors for Crawlers, ETL and Data Cubes/Marts based on Business Sematic Data Models
  • Creation of Business Semantic Models for Data Governance on Analytics.
  • Ability to host runtime for R for advanced predictive modeling
  • SOA based open architecture for easy connection to existing transactional system.
  • Salesforce App to host advanced analytics and Search based BI report.
Credit risk analytics
Financial institutions collect and store lot of information from credit applicants/ existing borrowers consisting of hundreds of variables. We prioritize and develop Machine Learning based analytical solutions to achieve measurable and sustainable business impact by Enhancing the existing default prediction model.
Developing models that help identify aberrant behavior and action decisions focused on identifying general & specific pattern for default detection by analyzing the credit payment records along with macro economic factors of the past.
Moreover, on top of this certain use cases are also developed using Credit Score and Customer Demographics fitting into ML models to create more value to the Financial Institutions which are as follows
  • Cross Sell/Up Sell
  • Optimum Underwriting
  • Fraud Prevention
Solution Overview
  • Ensemble Modelling - Using combination of ML models like Random Forest, Logistic Regression, LDA
  • Model Interpretability
  • Credit Risk Analysis as a Service
  • Tensor Flow Deep Neural Network
  • Real Time Advanced Visualization
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) for Self Service
  • Agile & Customizable
Leveraging Data: The Most Valuable Global Resource
Leveraging Data: The Most Valuable Global Resource
Demystifying Explainable AI: Benefits, Use Cases, and Models
Demystifying Explainable AI: Benefits, Use Cases, and Models
Is Artificial Intelligence the key to unlock the limitless possibilities in Heal
Is Artificial Intelligence the key to unlock the limitless possibilities in Heal
How can machine learning solve the purchase price variance problem?
How can machine learning solve the purchase price variance problem?