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With Birlasoft Solutions and Accelerators built on PTC Technologies
Accelerate your engineering and manufacturing 4.0 journey by reimagining business models, transforming product lifecycles, digitizing engineering and manufacturing operations by driving best-in-class stakeholder experiences for your customers, suppliers and employees.
Enable a connected manufacturing experience and better business outcomes, like a safer workplace, improvement in manufacturing On-time Delivery (OTD) and unparalleled customer service with Birlasoft platform and solutions built on PTC technologies.
Birlasoft’s Digital Engineering & Manufacturing Experience provides extensive industry knowledge, strategic partnerships and alliances, and investment in innovation. We can enable your organization to get the maximum value from PTC’s CAD, PLM, ALM, AR/VR, and IIoT solutions. Our vision is focused on adapting digital technologies to manage the digital thread across your entire product lifecycle for smart connected products & operations.
Birlasoft Solutions
Your Trusted Advisor. Minimizing Risk. Maximizing Value
Accelerate your digital transformation through next generation experiences driven by agile, intelligent, connected and efficient offerings, platforms and resources with Birlasoft and PTC.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Cloud Transformations
Strategic Partnerships with AWS and Azure to build the best Cloud PLM and modernize customer applications through Upgrades, HA, DR and multi-region implementations
Migration CoE
Next-gen Data Profiling, DaaS and Bulk Migration Tools and Methodology to ETLV multiple PLM and non-PLM platforms into PTC’s Suite of Products
The WGM-like integration that enables engineers to seamlessly manage SolidEdge documents and drawings in Windchill
Digital Twin Roadmap
Strategic Consulting to help map various Product BOMs from Plan to Design to Support and After Market & help establish roadmap for realizing the Digital Thread
SaFE Certified PLM Team
Team members that can help transform your PLM Program into a CI/CD Implementation mode and establish DevOps and best practices for sustainable development.
Foster the Digital Enterprise with seamless integration between your PLM and ERP with iLink
Custom Navigate Role Based Apps
Maximize the value of your PLM with Custom Navigate Role-based apps built on ThingWorx which provide 'just-in-time and just-in-context' information to wider areas of the organization
Global Product Registration
A solution to seamlessly track and manage regulatory registrations and compliance from PTC Windchill
AR Based Design Reviews
Design Reviews using Augmented Reality built on Thingworx
Enterprise Dashboard Platform built on Thingworx
ALM & Automated ALM Testing
Integrated Test Management for Defect Generation built on PTC Integrity and capabilities on PTC Integrity and R&D Tool Integration
Helping organizations reduce cost of maintaining PLM and freeing up organizational resources to focus on strategic initiatives through intelligence and automation in Application and Infrastructure Managed Services
Smart Connected Manufacturing
Integration of EAM, PLM, MES, ES, MM, OM, and CRM, thus providing a unified platform using AR/VR
Electronic Work Instructions (EWI)
AR electronic work instructions solution by Birlasoft
A Diagnostics and Connectivity platform build on Thingworx
Smart Connected Products
Analytics + Action Platform: Asset visualization, analytics, and action in near real time. Platform built on ThingWorx for Smart Assets
Product Engineering Enhancements
Product Engineering Enhancements
Remote Collaboration
AR based hands-free, heads-up Remote Field Service and real-time collaboration with remote support team for interactive, effective, and accurate repairs
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
Electronic Work Instructions (EWI)
AR electronic work instructions solution by Birlasoft
Remote Collaboration
AR based hands-free, heads-up Remote Field Service and real-time collaboration with remote support team for interactive, effective, and accurate repairs
Hands free Warehouse Picking solution with Wearable Glasses
Birlasoft PTC Center of Excellence
Brilasoft was the first to launch a PTC Center of Excellence (CoE) in North America used as a unique customer experience center showcasing Industry 4.0 solutions by Birlasoft and built on PTC's Industrial Innovation Platform (Thingworx, Vuforia, Kepware, Windchill, Creo, and Integrity). The CoE demonstrates how Birlasoft enables faster time to market by creating a closed loop manufacturing cycle between engineering, product manufacturing, supply chain and service by using PTC solutions.
Why Birlasoft
We combine our industry knowledge, expertise on PTC technologies, and our platforms and solutions to deliver tangible business outcomes and experiences to clients.
PTC customers
Referable across multiple industries
Expert Team
  • Geographically focused sales and pre-sales team with a robust hybrid delivery model and Agile SaFE certified resources.
  • Proficiency and extensive work with PTC’s CAD, PLM, ALM, AR/VR, and IIoT solutions; dealing with complex upgrades, consolidations, rollouts, and migrations.
Achieve your Business goals like increasing revenue, improving efficiency and reduced costs with Birlasoft Solutions and Accelerators Built on PTC Technologies
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