5 Ways to Strategize Application Managed Services (AMS) for Infor Applications

Jul 09, 2024
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In today’s dynamic digital landscape, enterprises that rely on Infor applications face constant challenges in ensuring seamless integrations, optimal performance, and continuous improvement. Application Managed Services (AMS) has emerged as a strategic solution to address these challenges, providing a comprehensive approach to managing applications throughout the Infor lifecycle. As organizations navigate the complexities of the Infor Applications Landscape, strategizing AMS becomes crucial for maximizing efficiency, reducing costs, and driving innovation.
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Pratap Limaye

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The Significance of AMS for Infor Applications
Application managed services are a comprehensive set of services designed to effectively manage and optimize the performance, security, and operations of an Infor applications ecosystem. It provides a holistic approach to ensure seamless integration, maintenance, and support throughout the Infor application lifecycle. Some critical aspects of AMS for Infor Applications Landscape include:
1. Proactive Application Monitoring and Support
AMS provides continuous monitoring to identify and resolve issues to ensure high availability and optimal performance. AMS providers employ advanced tools and techniques to track key performance indicators, system logs, and user behavior patterns, enabling early detection of anomalies, bottlenecks, or potential vulnerabilities.
2. Release and Change Management
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Infor applications undergo regular updates, patches, and new releases, necessitating robust release and change management processes. AMS providers employ well-defined methodologies to manage these changes effectively, ensuring compatibility, smooth deployment, and minimizing disruptions. This includes thorough testing, staging environments, and rollback strategies to mitigate threats and preserve operational stability.
3. Performance Optimization
AMS providers leverage load balancing, caching, and infrastructure tuning to optimize application performance, scalability, and resource utilization. This involves monitoring resource utilization, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing appropriate optimization strategies to ensure peak efficiency, even during high-demand phases.
4. Security and Compliance
AMS providers implement robust security measures, including access controls, data encryption, and regular vulnerability assessments, to safeguard against potential data breaches and cyber threats. They also ensure adherence to industry regulations and data privacy laws through comprehensive compliance monitoring and auditing processes.
5. Intelligence & Automation
AMS providers leverage AI and ML to enable proactive issue detection and resolution before user impact. Integrating automation can help analyze system data, logs, and user patterns to identify anomalies, predict issues, and trigger automated remediation, minimizing downtime and optimizing resources.
6. Expertise and Specialization
AMS providers employ teams with deep Infor application expertise. Outsourcing to specialized providers ensures mission-critical applications are managed by certified professionals, leading to efficient operations, quicker problem resolution, and improved system performance.
7. Focus on Core Competencies
Offloading application management to AMS experts allows organizations to concentrate on core business activities and strategic initiatives, fostering innovation and competitive advantage. Companies that do not leverage AMS may be disadvantaged compared to competitors benefiting from streamlined, well-managed application environments.
AMS can help organizations offload the complexities of application management, allowing internal IT teams to focus on core business objectives while ensuring their Infor applications operate efficiently, securely, and in alignment with evolving business needs.
5 Ways to Strategize AMS for Infor Applications
While the benefits of leveraging AMS for the Infor applications landscape are evident, its successful implementation hinges on a well-crafted strategy. By aligning AMS initiatives with overall Infor strategy and business objectives, organizations can harness the full potential of their Infor applications and drive long-term success. Here are five ways to strategize AMS:
#1. Develop a Comprehensive AMS Roadmap
Organizations must develop a comprehensive AMS roadmap that aligns with their overall Infor strategy and business objectives. This roadmap should outline the scope of AMS services required, prioritize critical applications and processes, and define clear roles and responsibilities. The roadmap should establish measurable goals, such as cost optimization, risk mitigation, and performance improvement targets, to track the success of the AMS implementation.
#2. Embrace a Hybrid Delivery Model
To maximize the benefits of AMS for their Infor landscape, organizations must consider embracing a hybrid delivery model that combines the strengths of both onshore and offshore resources. This approach allows round-the-clock support, leverages global talent pools, and optimizes costs. Organizations can leverage dedicated and shared resource models, tailoring the service for specific needs and workload fluctuations.
#3. Implement Robust Governance and Reporting Mechanisms
Effective governance and reporting mechanisms are essential for successful AMS implementation in the Infor landscape. Organizations must establish clear service level agreements (SLAs), key performance indicators (KPIs), and escalation protocols. Regular service reviews, risk assessments, and proactive communication channels should be integrated into the governance structure. This approach fosters transparency, accountability, and collaborative problem-solving, enabling organizations to continuously monitor and optimize their Infor applications' performance.
#4. Leverage Automation and Standardization
Organizations must strategically leverage automation and standardization capabilities to drive efficiency and consistency within the AMS framework. Automated testing tools can streamline the validation of Infor application updates and releases, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistent quality. Process automation tools can optimize routine tasks, freeing up valuable resources for more strategic initiatives. Additionally, implementing standardized processes, templates, and knowledge bases can accelerate onboarding, issue resolution, and service delivery.
#5. Foster Continuous Improvement and Innovation
AMS for the Infor landscape is an ongoing continuous improvement and innovation journey. Organizations must establish dedicated innovation councils or committees to recognize prospects for process optimization, automation, and value creation within their Infor environment. Regular value stream mapping exercises can help prioritize areas for improvement based on business impact. Furthermore, leveraging industry best practices, such as Lean and Six Sigma, can drive ongoing efficiency and quality enhancements within the AMS framework.
Navigating Infor Application Landscape with Birlasoft SmartAMS
As organizations navigate the complexities of implementing an effective AMS strategy for their Infor Applications Landscape, partnering with the right service provider can be a key differentiator for success. Birlasoft's SmartAMS is a comprehensive service that leverages innovative technology and a team of specialists to deliver tailored Application Managed Services for Infor environments. The solution adopts a transformative approach, focusing on resource transformation through dedicated learning journeys on Infor applications. It fosters a deep understanding of end-to-end business process flows, architectural perspectives on technology usage, and extensive knowledge base utilization for a preventive approach. SmartAMS employs a systematic methodology to improve Infor’s performance.
  • Optimized Resource Utilization and Delivery Models - Birlasoft SmartAMS offers flexible and optimized resource utilization and delivery models to align with an organization's unique requirements. SmartAMS provides the option to choose from dedicated or shared resource models, onshore or offshore resources, and flexible coverage windows (9x5, 12x5, 24x5). Additionally, SmartAMS offers a hybrid delivery model that combines the strengths of onshore and offshore resources, enabling round-the-clock support and leveraging global talent pools while optimizing costs.
  • Comprehensive Automation and Innovation - Birlasoft SmartAMS prioritizes automation and innovation to drive efficiency and continuous improvement within the Infor Applications Landscape. Leveraging proprietary tools like ATLAS for automated testing, SaaSBOT for process automation, and IMPACTA for configuration automation, SmartAMS streamlines routine tasks and optimizes resource utilization. Additionally, dedicated innovation councils foster a culture of continuous improvement, prioritizing value stream mapping, business KPI identification, and the implementation of approved innovations every quarter.
  • Extensive Expertise and Proven Track Record - With over 300 Infor professionals, 20+ years of industry experience, and a track record of 75+ customer engagements, Birlasoft SmartAMS brings a wealth of expertise to the table, including an extensive knowledge base, combined with a deep understanding of Infor applications and industry best practices. It enables SmartAMS to deliver tailored solutions that drive operational excellence, mitigate risks, and unlock the full potential of an Infor Applications Landscape.
Navigating Infor Application Landscape with Birlasoft SmartAMS
Effective Application Managed Services (AMS) are crucial for organizations to maintain optimal performance, security, and scalability of their Infor application landscapes. However, managing complex applications while ensuring seamless operations and continuous improvement can pose significant challenges.

Birlasoft's SmartAMS addresses the pain points through its innovative approach, leveraging automation, deep Infor expertise, and a commitment to driving operational excellence. Birlasoft's proven methodologies help tackle challenges such as release management, performance optimization, integrating customizations with robust governance frameworks, and industry-leading tools. By leveraging Birlasoft SmartAMS, enterprises can navigate the complexities of the Infor landscape, mitigate risks, and leverage the true potential of their Infor ecosystem while focusing on core competencies to drive sustainable growth.
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