Robotic Process Automation Facilitates ERP Cloud Adoption

Aug 26, 2020
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud has gained popularity with its promise of improved efficiencies across business functions. Despite all the benefits of ERP Cloud, there are still some apprehensions around its adoption for companies who have either built their business-specific home-grown legacy systems or heavily customized their on-premise ERPs for their business needs.
Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can act as a bridge between ERP Cloud and legacy applications. Through RPA, companies can retain the usability of legacy systems and bring efficiencies of ERP cloud. To better understand how RPA can bridge this gap, let's review how RPA bots work.
How RPA Bots Work
As a company you can train a bot to interact with multiple separate and unrelated systems. Think of an RPA bot as a virtual employee who can act on your data and applications just like a human would, working back and forth between different systems. Rather than operating at a program level, RPA operates at a user level and requires no code-level changes to your software systems. RPA can remove the barriers to adopt an ERP Cloud solution, by automating the manual tasks that would otherwise be required to maintain multiple applications.
Let us look at a sample case study to understand the importance of RPA
A company implemented ERP Cloud but continued with legacy systems and adopted RPA technology. They developed specific RPA bots to execute manual tasks often associated with the sharing of data between two disparate applications.
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Here are some of the manual tasks that were repetitive before RPA adoption:
  • Logging into the different legacy application and downloading a file or report
  • Enter the downloaded data into a spreadsheet, sorting the spreadsheet data and saving to a specified location
  • Logging into the new ERP Cloud application and manually creating new customer/ supplier/ item/ account data repeatedly
  • Updating addresses/credit terms/ quantities/ beneficiaries in ERP Cloud and synchronize data
  • Sending notifications of its actions to staff and business partners
  • Updating the legacy application with confirmations
Using bots, RPA provides the means for the company to automate the manual steps which improve the adoption of ERP Cloud while continuing to leverage the critical functions the legacy application provides.
Birlasoft recognized the need and benefit of RPA for simplifying Cloud adoption very early. We launched various prebuilt RPA based SaaS BOTs for performing these repetitive manual tasks.
Overall, the adoption of RPA SaaS BOTs can significantly increase the confidence of business users in ERP Cloud as it helps complete some of the old manual tasks by 80-90% faster than usual time. It also increases the business value of cloud deployment and improved adoption of cloud in other business areas.
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