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Aug 26, 2020
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In today's unprecedented times it has become imperative for organizations to invest in next generation data management solutions which will help them stay ahead of the changes. Today a business using multiple applications for front end and back end might not have any consolidated data management system to store their data. The need for informational data objects is growing; the importance of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is similar to other master data like Item, Customer, Supplier. Many organizations are trying to find insights and explore a solution to resolve this information data need they are facing today and fulfill the growth of the organization. In order to realize and monetize the value of informational data, organizations are now moving towards EDM platforms that can help them to centralize their reference data and informational data.
Aswanth Vaidiswaran
Aswanth Vaidiswaran

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Leveraging analytics to respond to economic challenges
Every organization has a unique EDM requirement. Unlike ERP, each organization need to define its own EDM architecture and schema based on its needs. Below are few important business scenarios where EDM plays an important role for an enterprise customer:
  • ERP Transformation program during acquisition and merger
  • Expansion and closure of a manufacturing plant for an existing ERP
  • Informational data master shared across the applications
    ERP applications: Currency rate, Business Unit, Cost Center, Profit Center, Accounts
    SCM applications: Currency rate, Sub-inventory, Locator, Operating Unit, Receiving Site, Distribution Centers
    CX applications: Currency Rate, Sales Org, Sales Territory
    HCM applications: Org, Department, Grade associations
  • Reference data (payment terms, UOM, Regions)
Let us take an example to understand how organizations can scale EDM to ensure growth
  • Acquisition or merger is a complex process in today's world and expansion to new regions or locations consumes more time during rollouts
For instance, your organization has decided to expand the business in a new region they need to understand, "How quickly the rollout to the new region can be done for different applications for both front end and back end?" or "What are the key information objects which need to be considered during expansions." EDM can help you answer the above-mentioned questions to solve the business problem.
During the EDM Cloud implementation, break the business problems and discover the information data required for every business. Data created can be transformed into respective systems with the appropriate governance based on defined norms.
Top 5 questions which organizations should ask during EDM implementation are:
(i) How to evaluate and gather data shared across applications?
(ii) What are the sources, target applications consuming the enterprise data?
(iii) How to define the governance for each business functions across an organization?
(iv) How to define the data transformation process during the integration?
(v) What are the data bottlenecks that can slow down organization transfer?
EDM Cloud services enables organizations with the following business benefits:
  • Single source of truth for all Enterprise data: Quickly accessible to support better decisions without any additional efforts for rolling out Financials, Planning, ERP, Sales, Service, CPQ, Procurement, Manufacturing, Human Capital Management applications needs
  • Faster rollouts: Quickly transform and reduce rollout time & governance costs
  • Accelerated business transformation: Build a scalable data architecture that allows your organization to adapt quickly and scalable for future needs
  • Seamless data management: Collate and integrate data from multiple sources and transform the data to multiple target applications
It is crucial for organizations to understand the importance of centralizing the reference data and informational data. If you are an organization who want to gain insights and explore a solution to resolve the information data need and fulfill growth of the organization by monetizing the value of informational data then you should take a closer look at Birlasoft's Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud Services.
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