Birlasoft Sharpens Focus on GenAI for Growth

Oct 09, 2023
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In an exclusive interaction with The Financial Express, Angan Guha, CEO & MD, Birlasoft talks about the company’s ambitious growth plans, renewed emphasis on core verticals and service lines to become a billion-dollar company, and recent initiatives undertaken around Generative AI.
Angan Guha
Angan Guha



Pune-based IT services firm Birlasoft is aiming to become a billion-dollar company with a renewed emphasis on digital & cloud, data analytics, infrastructure, and ERP. The firm is focusing on manufacturing, BFSI, energy and utilities, and life sciences verticals to achieve this. “We have a strong business pipeline and deal flow,” said Angan Guha, CEO & MD, Birlasoft.
The IT services firm, which recently set up a Generative AI Centre of Excellence with Microsoft, plans to soon launch a Generative AI Studio with hyperscale partners for customers and employees. The focus would be on generating new ideas and use cases, through language, speech, and vision models, for a faster and scalable adoption. It is currently training over 12,000 Birlasoft employees on GenAI.
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“We are working with a leading life sciences organisation to accelerate their go-to-market strategy and commercial operations using Generative AI solutions,” said Guha. It has created 50-60% of hyper-personalised visual and text-based content for the client’s marketing & sales operations using Generative AI, leading to 30-40% optimisation in the campaign time-frame. To support its growth, Birlasoft is also strengthening its leadership team. It is currently in the process of hiring a CEO for Europe and the Rest of the World and a chief operating officer. “Our transformation journey focuses on specialisation in key sectors and core services. We are undergoing a culture shift focusing on agility, execution, and core principles such as a growth-centric mindset and prioritising customer-centricity,” he added.
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Birlasoft’s strategic focus remains on core systems such as ERP and Infrastructure. It is consolidating its ERP system and harnessing the capabilities of cloud technology and cybersecurity to support its clients in adapting to new ways of working and staying competitive.
“As the tide of investment surges and the utilisation of Generative AI continues to grow, IT firms are at crossroads of exciting prospects and unprecedented challenges. Venturing into the realm of creating enterprise solutions powered by Generative AI introduces a set of formidable hurdles,” Guha says. “These include safeguarding data privacy and security, navigating the nuances of ethics and bias, tailoring and adapting solutions to unique contexts, seamlessly integrating AI innovations amidst complexity, and addressing the scarcity of specialised skills.”
According to him, predicting the precise timeline for revenue optimisation within this space is difficult due to factors such as the intricacy of the solution(s), the degree of market demand, the pace of skill development, the dynamics of competition, the ability to carve out distinctiveness, varying degree of readiness by clients, amongst others.
Birlasoft’s quarterly revenue crossed the $150-million mark for the first time in Q1FY24, increasing 3.1% sequentially to $153.6 million.
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