Business Process Transformation using Process Mining

Oct 11, 2023
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Process mining has become a key focus in recent years as companies seek more insights and efficiencies from their complex supply chain operations. By leveraging process mining, we at Birlasoft can help organizations optimize their business processes and help drive growth and success.
Sagar Malvankar
Sagar Malvankar

Global Practice Director

Process Mining Center of Excellence


Here are some ways in which Birlasoft can embed process mining in core solutions to help and support customers grow their business:
  • Process Excellence: Process mining is a methodology for analyzing and tracking processes. It helps to get total objective visibility over the business and make data-driven decisions to identify and fix inefficiencies that affect business performance.
  • Increase Operating Margins: Streamline and optimize processes with automation to drive cost reduction and significantly improve savings.
  • Improves Performance: Automate, expedite, or remove the blockers that get in the way of on-time delivery, like delivery date changes and credit checks.
  • Cut Costs by Automating Your Processes: By identifying bottlenecks, redundancies, and areas of improvement, companies can strategically realign their operations to achieve cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. This proactive approach contributes to increased profitability and sustainable growth. Increase your touchless order rate and increase your margins.
  • Drive Customer Satisfaction: The seamless experience improves customer retention, enhancing customer loyalty and driving the expansion of your customer base.
In a data-driven era, anticipating the impact of process variations on key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial. Celonis offers a powerful solution through Process Simulation capabilities. This feature empowers organizations to simulate the effects of process changes and assess diverse optimization scenarios comprehensively. By leveraging Process Simulation, businesses can make informed decisions that maximize process efficiency and minimize risks.
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To understand the benefit and implementation of Celonis and Birlasoft’s process mining approach, let's look at some facts from a recent project implementation for a medical technology company:
  • The process mining approach hugely benefitted the client in discovering around $12 Million of hidden cash stuck in order processes. The approach ensured total cost-effectiveness and immediate ROI, maintaining a low Total Cost of Ownership. The solution handled cash flow management by seamlessly resolving AR billed and unbilled related issues.
  • Birlasoft successfully reduced cycle times, minimized manual rework, and effectively tackled labor productivity concerns. As a result, a remarkable 40% enhancement in our Order Fulfillment Rate (On-Time In-Full) was achieved. The implementation model is flexible and optimized, intelligently allocating resources, and helped reduce order cycle time by 75%, improving the working capital management.
  • Enhanced Labor Productivity: By implementing process automation, the medical giant experienced an impressive 30% increase in labor productivity, as evidenced by higher Sales orders per FTE and reduced Cost Per Sales Order (SO).
  • Streamlined Risk and Compliance: Through targeted automation, we successfully mitigated challenges within Surgery orders, leading to minimized cycle times, manual rework, and labor productivity issues. This comprehensive approach bolstered risk management and compliance adherence.
  • Efficient Order Cycle Time: The cycle time for Surgery orders was significantly reduced from 6 to just 1 day. This improvement boosted operational efficiency and greatly enhanced overall customer satisfaction.
  • Cost Savings and Improved Spend: By addressing extended cycle times for Non-Surgery orders, we successfully improved Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and customer satisfaction. This reduction in cycle time translated to reduced costs and optimized spending.
In conclusion, Process Mining emerges as an invaluable companion throughout every phase of our customer's journey to success. From its initial role in constructing a robust pre-transformation business case, providing complete transparency into existing processes, and helping find the right opportunities for optimization, to its subsequent contribution in shaping the optimal processes for the customer's business. Through detailed analysis and diligent user adoption monitoring, the process mining framework ensures the growth of the customer's transformation remains aligned with objectives, within scope, and on budget.
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