Enterprise-wide Automated, Contract Life Cycle Management for Major M &E Conglomerate

  • Customer

    Major U.S. based media & entertainment conglomerate

  • Industry

    Media & Entertainment

  • Advanced business analytics capabilities enabled automation of highly complex agreements
  • Solution is being leveraged across the enterprise to provide automation, flexibility, intelligence and process fluidity across departments
  • Multiple brands on-boarded on the platform
  • 100+ contracts types automated
  • Standardized agreements across brands eliminating significant duplication
The Client

Major U.S. based media & entertainment conglomerate with a portfolio of cable and broadcast television properties, music production and distribution capabilities and film studios

Business Challenges
  • Create a seamless, automated, cloud-platformed system that could be scaled globally to manage the complex and labor-intensive process of creating, negotiating and managing talent and production services contracts
  • Enable automation and visibility into every step of the contract process from Creative Idea through Pitch Tracking, Greenlighting, Budgeting, Options, and Renewals with backend financial integrations
  • Enable contract automation on multiple contract types including Talent Deal Requests, Script Acquisition Requests and Pilot and Series 
  • Requirement for Business Affairs and Legal to have online, real-time visibility for purposes of contract assignment and deal progression tracking
  • System would need to scale in response to evolving market, business and technical landscape
Birlasoft Differentiators
  • Deep domain expertise in Media & Entertainment applied to contract automation development
  • Proven expertise of implementing similar solutions both is scope and complexity at various Media & Entertainment companies
  • Unique, differentiated solution specifically designed and developed for Media & Entertainment
  • Ability to create, deliver and integrate extensive customizations throughout client environment
  • Dedicated senior leadership and delivery guidance onsite
  • Implemented an offshore development model to ensure scalability, resource availability, cost effectiveness, development flexibility
  • Combined governance team from both domain and service line to ensure seamless delivery
  • Integrated learnings from additional verticals to design and delivery of solution
Birlasoft Solution
  • Solution platformed on Salesforce with embedded Apttus Contract Generation software
  • Deconstruction of contract templates to derive all questions & conditions for every deal type
  • Contract lifecycle management system incorporating creation, drafting, negotiation, approval, e-signature, and storage capabilities
  • Developed simplified user-friendly wizard-based Q & A approach to capture business input
  • Configurable wizard solution enables rapid turnaround for additional questions / clauses
  • Wizard answers stored as contract metadata
  • Facility to use contract metadata to generate new contracts and develop contract reports
  • Complex approvals workflow capabilities
  • Agile development and delivery model, resilient IT governance and virtual collaboration