Every Business Needs to Run with Operational Excellence and Out-Innovate Competition
Businesses and IT across industries are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to service and delight customers. Emerging smart technologies are giving organizations new ways to transform operational scenarios and reimagine their business models. Industries are entering a world where products and assets communicate seamlessly, not just with business and operational systems, but with each other; while learning from past performance, teaching each other and predicting key events.
However, this Digital Transformation is a holistic process. Companies need to align viability, feasibility and usability to drive innovation in strategic areas. Transformations succeed when the entire organization focuses on innovation as a way of operation.
SAP Leonardo is a platform of products and services that enables organizations to transform their operational model to realize their vision of a connected digital future.
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Teaming up to power a safer transformation
Birlasoft drives innovation through a unique combination of engineering prowess applied to digital innovation. Our customers get the full benefits of engagements that consider both Operations and Informational Technology with deep industry knowledge.
Our solutions are co-developed with SAP as well as our technology partners and customers to offer the best possible experience for the end user. Our accelerators and offerings are developed and delivered in lock step with SAP-this lets us thoroughly test the technologies and offer customers access to new functionalities.
Our approach starts with design thinking to build the right solution roadmap for your unique organization. We then build prototypes and POCs to validate the solutions before we deploy and scale across the organization.
Design Thinking
The blueprint for your digital transformation with a focus on the user
Design thinking instills a new mindset and approach to problem solving. This approach puts the end user experience in the spotlight, and uncovers the right problem to solve. A team of technologists, designers and key business stakeholders come together to identify unmet needs of the end user (employee or consumer). This team will collaboratively solve key challenges and iterate rapidly on these solutions till the best one is implemented.
This human-centric and collaborative approach helps the team build a vision of an innovation-focused future that the whole organization can rally behind.
Micro-transformations with Birlasoft and SAP
Birlasoft and SAP work together to apply the principles of design thinking to solving your business challenges. We work together to guide your key stakeholders to apply the principles of design thinking to identify and tackle the right problems to solve to drive transformation.
Our engagements focus on micro-transformations to prove that our solution can achieve the goals of your investment. Each engagement consists of four phases:
In this workshop, your organization's stakeholders, from both line of business and IT departments, come together with SAP and Birlasoft experts for a one-day session to explore opportunities for innovation.
Design and phototype
This phase is an iterative process as the design of the solution is implemented in low fidelity through high fidelity wire frames while undergoing a design review at the end of each iteration. These design reviews ensure that UX guidelines are being followed as well as the needs of the user are met. An interactive prototype is delivered at the end of this phase.
In the Discover phase of the process, Birlasoft and SAP experts shadow the customer's end users to understand their needs and pain points. This information is used to create the core design documents that will feed the rest of the process.
The clickable prototype is transformed into a functional proof of concept and a value assessment is made. A decision to deploy the solution and pursue other use cases is made now.

SAP Leonardo provides flexibility based on your project's alignment with accelerators. If the predefined use cases fit the customer's needs, customers continue with the express edition of SAP Leonardo Innovation Services to create a functional prototype. Otherwise, completely new use cases will be created, and then customers can follow either the open innovation or enterprise editions.

Birlasoft's SAP Leonardo Innovation Portfolio
Connected Products
Learn how to enable end-to-end visibility to product-centric operations and ability to optimize compliance visibility and service availability.
Connected Assets
Track, monitor, analyze, and maintain all fixed assets across the network.
Connected Fleet
Track, monitor, analyze and maintain all moving assets, wherever they are in the network
Connected Infrastructure
Delivers new forms of digital operational intelligence to transform physical-infrastructure systems.
Connected Markets
Foster local markets, cities, urban and rural environments with new products, services, data, businesses and business models leveraging the SAP Leonardo innovation portfolio
Connected People
Strives to improve lives, work and health by connecting people and communities and providing better lifestyle experiences and opportunities for organizations to evolve into new business models
Fixed price accelerators for SAP Leonardo
Birlasoft offers several Fixed Price Pilots to accelerate time to value for your Leonardo Investment.
Connected Products
Connected Products strives to improve lives, work and health by connecting people and communities and providing better lifestyle experiences and opportunities for organizations to evolve into new business models
Vehicle Insights
We have augmented SAP's Vehicle Insights products with Birlasoft's pioneering experience connecting vehicles and deploying intelligent vehicle tracking and monitoring systems. Deploy Birlasoft's Vehicle Insights accelerator to enable real-time vehicle tracking and sensor monitoring through the cloud and enable optimized logistics and improved fleet utilization.
Predictive Maintenance(PDMS)
Accelerate to insight, and react to events before they affect your assets. Birlasoft's predictive maintenance accelerator is designed with insights from Engagements across Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing industries to help your organization prevent failures and reduce downtime.
Birlasoft IoT and Digital Use cases
Smart Electric Bus
Machine Analytics
Predictive Maintenance
Connected Services
Battery Diagnostics
Intelligent Public Transportation
Connected Cars
HVAC Diagnostics
Manufacturing Analytics
Connected Goods
Connected Assets
Smart Optic Warehouse Automation