In a digital age with cut-throat competition in every industry, organizations need not only offer innovative products and services but also deliver a compelling and consistent customer experience. Leveraging intelligent technologies such as IoT, ML, and AI, Intelligent enterprises will be able to create superior, personalized, and enriched customer experience creating differentiator for themselves.
Intelligent Enterprise innovates processes, machines, and even people to empower organizations to grow faster and get a competitive edge in an ever-changing, dynamic environment. In today’s dynamic world, organizations often get disoriented, battling with too much data, from various systems operating in silos. So, taking decisions based on accurate and appropriate data are more critical to stay ahead of the competition.
With SAP Intelligent Enterprise solutions, organizations are now able to use data, people and enterprise assets in an aggregated and unique way. This will enable strategy owners to make decisions driven by data, thus emphasizing the importance of data in decision-making.
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Focus areas
SAP Intelligent Suite innovates ERP technologies by connecting traditional ERP with Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT), thus bringing more flexibility to business operations and making them faster than ever before.
Birlasoft SMARTEDGE solutions encompasses all components of SAP Intelligent Enterprise offering including Intelligent Suite (iERP), Digital Platform, and Intelligent Technologies.
We offer SAP Intelligent Enterprise solutions by leveraging our well proven and uniquely developed SMARTEDGE prepackaged industry solutions, which enable your organization to get better and grow faster. SMARTEDGE packaged solution provides flexible, rapid, and repeatable implementation offerings, designed dramatically to reduce TCO and accelerate ROI.
Learn how Birlasoft SMARTEDGE solution enables you to be a data-driven organization!
Solutions Offering
Partnering with SAP, Birlasoft leverages best-in-class business processes and methodologies, which empower your organization to operate better and make a more insightful data-driven decision.
SMARTEDGE is Birlasoft’s SAP pre-packaged solution, which helps customers realize the faster implementation of ERP and other business process applications at lower total-cost-of-ownership with high predictability. The solution encompasses end-to-end business processes such as Financial management and accounting, Forecast-to-Stock, Order-to-cash, Lean Manufacturing, Procure-to-Pay, Logistics Management, Repetitive Manufacturing, Real-time reporting based on HANA Live.
Business Values
Gain All the benefits of a pre-configured solution right out of the box with an enhanced experience
Reduced implementation time and cost
Reduced implementation time and cost
Shorter implementation time and TCO
Shorter implementation time and TCO
Templatized Solution
Templatized solution, documentation, test scripts, project plan, and more
Executive focused analytics
Executive focused analytics & dashboards
Fixed price Proof
Fixed price Proof of Concept & Blueprinting
On-Cloud or On-Premise landscape
On-Cloud or On-Premise landscape (50% less hardware)
Enabeling the Intelligent Enterprise
Birlasoft has unique ability to develop applications leveraging the SAP cloud platform, thus enabling organizations to make real-time data-driven decisions, better engage with customers, improve customer experience, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and improve RoI.
SAP Cloud Platform
Industry Specific Solutions
Birlasoft industry innovation kits based on SMARTEDGE solution are prepackaged and enable faster implementation and take into account the pain points of each industry for implementing SAP Intelligent Enterprise solutions. These preconfigured solutions include industry process repositories with delivery accelerators, best practices, scenario documentations, business value creation and realization artifacts, preconfigured settings, sample master data, configuration documentations, predefined reports, enhancements, forms, and workflow reusable objects.
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Why Birlasoft
With over 200 SAP implementations and strength of 10,000 professionals, Birlasoft delivers best-in-class customer experience to become an intelligent enterprise.
We have developed a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for SAP practice to adapt best-in-class practices and methodologies and optimize transform your business.
Before kicking off with actual implementation/upgrades/migration, we help you assess your systems with our uniquely developed Value Harvesting methodology and give recommendations for best practices.
Birlasoft's Templatized Solution Help You Realize Value Faster
Less time and efforts as compared to traditional

of Blueprint time saved through best practices
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Preconfigured Solution
Preconfigured Solution
Reduced Cost
Reduced Cost
Faster Delivery
Faster Delivery
Deployment Cloud/On-Prim
Rapid (12-24 weeks)
Scales to Growth
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20+ Years of Industry Expertise Across SAP Landscape
10,000+ Across 31 global offices
18 SAP Qualified Solutions
2000+ SAP Consultants
200+ SAP Implementations
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Birlasoft SAP Offering for Intelligent Enterprise
Birlasoft SAP Offering for Intelligent Enterprise
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