Improve Revenue Forecasting & Better Financial Planning With SAP EDW on HANA

At a glance


To improve financial planning and management which can delve with SAP SOH


Build a strong and robust analytics and predictive analytics solution using SAP EDW on HANA

Why Birlasoft?

  • Deep domain knowledge and SAP expertise
  • Strong AI/ML practice
  • Customer focused approach


  • Timely business insights
  • Simplified user experience
  • Better financial planning and revenue forecasting
  • A common platform which could collect and store organizational data from various sources enabled C-level leadership for faster decision making.
  • Customer team experienced significant reduction in time for building pricing agreements and opportunity management analysis because of functionality developed based on AI/ML algorithms.
  • This not only saved the customer analytics team's time from doing routine and mundane tasks but also allowed them to focus on critical business areas.
  • Ability to generate a standard set of reports and dashboards helped leaders to make faster decisions.
Customer Overview

Client is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of office furniture and organic workspaces, serving more than 170 countries.


Client organization was seeking a robust analytics solution that could help to optimize business processes, especially financial planning & management processes resulting in reduced costs and increased profits. Organization required a solution which could

  • Forecast revenue based on historical & actual data (Predictive Analytics)
  • Analyze win/loss ratio of opportunities, shipping lead time, and actual vs budget analysis
  • Analyze history of order process by key events
  • Enable faster decision making by building a solution which can provide comprehensive analysis of all organizational data

Organizational data was distributed across multiple databases including Microsoft Dynamics and BPC (Sales Plan & Forecast Solution) system. Data & Analytics team was struggling to build analytics solution to help management with decision making such as revenue forecast & opportunity analysis. In addition, the organization was facing many other challenges including:

  • Frustration over data latency and strong need for real-time data
  • Slow performing reports holding back BI user adoption
  • Limitation with extracting data from non-SAP systems
  • Unable to do accurate revenue forecasting, pricing agreement analysis, and opportunity management analysis

As client organization had already implemented SAP Suite on HANA, EDW on HANA was an obvious choice for data warehouse. After stringent evaluation, client organization finalized Birlasoft as an implementation partner considering Birlasoft's expertise in the areas of SAP solutions and manufacturing industry domain. Leveraging agile methodology, Birlasoft implemented EDW HANA and integrated it with other SAP (SAP SOH) and non-SAP applications such as Microsoft Dynamics (Opportunities) and BPC (Sales Plan & Forecast) solutions. On top of it, Birlasoft leveraged HANA's native algorithms for AI/ML and developed functionality which helped client team to provide better revenue forecast, pricing agreement analysis, and other related predicative analysis related to financial management.

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