Leading manufacturer deploys SAP ERP and SAP MII to streamline operations and improve productivity

  • Increase in product throughput due to an increase in production efficiency
  • Highly efficient and lean production processes across operations that could be scaled to new plants
  • Accurate and real-time production data lead to a dramatic reduction in excess inventory levels
  • The solution that is scalable and transferable to new plants and acquisitions
  • Ability to make data-driven decisions: Built dashboard like Tact to provide live insight into each production line to supervisors.
Business Overview

The client is one of the largest providers for a broad range of industrial ventilation equipment. Intending to reduce production costs while keeping the operations smooth, it needed an enterprise IT system that would streamline production and increase efficiency. The inventory levels required to be optimized to minimize working capital while ensuring there are no production shortages and on-time deliveries.

Business Challenges
  • Manufacturing of complex ventilation products, where customers can specify features (e.g., CFM, static pressure, etc.), which then requires the manufacturer to build multiple variants of product category. This activity involves the development of new product designs that are built on existing baseline product designs.
  • The manufacturer needed to replicate and scale up this functionality to new plants, and the acquisition was a huge challenge.
  • The incoherent flow of information between the design and production floor did little to realize the benefits of a full-scale lean operation.
  • The higher degree of manual intervention led to escalated costs across inventory management, order management, product testing, and shipments.
Birlasoft Solution
  • Birlasoft deployed SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) applications to improve planning and tighten control over shop floor activities.
  • The Integration of machines at the shop floor with ERP provided a single view of processes spanning from the shop floor to product shipments and allowed the organization to download data required to manufacture on demand
  • Variant configuration capabilities were realized on shop floor processes, which allowed for multiple permutations for product features.
  • Customized Screen for each work center to display information based on business requirements
  • Customized dashboards were created to display the below listed for each production line.
    • Production output versus production goals
    • The Efficiency of each production line
    • Operator Dashboard for Work Order
    • Tact and Picking Dashboard