Bridging the Gap...the Next Generation Digital Planning
Begin your IBP journey and bring together fragmented strands of strategic financial, sales and operations planning through better forecasting, performance management, decision making and collaboration throughout the supply chain.
Leverage Birlasoft's IBP expertise with SAP Digital and Cloud innovations that enables progressive organizations to benefit from the latest in-memory technology capabilities to create sustainable competitive advantage.
Overcome Common Business Challenges and Increase your Bottom Line
At the end of the day, better results come from better planning. Customer demands, business processes and execution have evolved. Many enterprises still use manual worksheets or external 3rd party tools for supply chain planning. Digitization is forcing all organizations to react in real-time or risk being overtaken.
Business Challenges
Better Results Come from Better Planning
Improved Customer Service
Higher on-time and in-full order delivery by uncovering and solving bottlenecks in the supply network
Plant Productivity Improvement
Better asset utilization and capacity deployment by early identification of production bottlenecks and/or opportunities
Inventory and Supply Chain Optimization
Improved forecast accuracy and optimal inventory balancing in the network with powerful what-if analysis and end-to-end transparency
Enhanced New Product Introduction
Visibility and collaboration tools for all parties involved. Accelerated time to market with significantly less pain
Full Integration of AOP and Operations
($ vs #) A unified planning solution with end-to-end and real-time transparency enabling full visibility of financial and quantity tradeoffs
Many Soft Benefits
Faster decision making; improved communication; full collaboration; full transparency driving accountability; one version of the truth
Gain the Power to Control your Business in the Palm of Your Hand
SAP IBP is the next generation cloud based planning platform designed for the Digital Era. Fully integrated with MS Excel and supported by highly mobile SAP Fiori based apps that allows users to keep the spreadsheet feel and add powerful cloud integration and collaboration tools to create one highly visible version of the truth!
Collaboration Infographic
SAP Integrated Business Planning for demand
Demand sensing (predict and reforecast, pattern recognition); forecasting statistical techniques; and collaborative demand planning
SAP Integrated Business Planning for inventory
Efficiently position inventory to best respond; multi-stage inventory optimization; drive S&OP decisions to inventory target recommendations for Planners
SAP Integrated Business Planning for Sales & Operations
Balance demand and supply, incorporating financial revenue goals. Provide visibility, what-if scenarios, using "real time" information; JAM embedded communication and analytics
SAP Integrated Business Planning for response & supply
Plan production, procurement, and distribution; respond to daily disruptions to change supply plans and reschedule demand; manage allocations
Supply Chain Control Tower
Achieve end-to-end visibility in the extended supply chain; integrate data from various systems; drive visibility and action with configurable Analytics & Alerts and Case Management
Integrated Business Planning
Integrated Business Planning Begins with Vh at the Core
Value Harvesting (Vh) is an evolutionary methodology designed to propell organizations to innovate through existing technology while leveraging digital solutions for greater business growth. Building a foundation for success with Vh at the core, organizations can begin to optimize key components that improve performace, reduce risk, and unlock revenue generating power.
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Use Data Analysis to Evaluate People Processes & Technology
Prepare Organizations & Optimize Configuration
Deliver Activate Learning & ORG Change Management
Thought Leadership & Center of Excellence (ICoE)
IBP Roadmap & Workshop Offerings
Workshop Offering
Birlasoft IBPSPRINT - Rapid Implementation Services for Supply Chain Optimiza...
Birlasoft IBPSPRINT - Rapid Implementation Services for Supply Chain Optimiza...
Strategic Excellence with Integrated Business Planning
Strategic Excellence with Integrated Business Planning