Birlasoft's Oracle Product Lifecycle Management enables you to manage the complete lifecycle of a product, strategically - from the Product ideation phase to development and commercialization. More than a technology solution, PLM focuses on process efficiency, rapid innovation, cross-functional collaboration, closed-loop quality control, risk mitigation, and cost-effectiveness.
With the powerful combination of Oracle knowledge and industry expertise in Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Birlasoft is your single source for Product Value Chain services. We enable our clients to get the most out of their Oracle PLM Implementations (On Premise/Cloud) through our unique PLM solutions & - Accelerators - that offer rapid implementation services. Birlasoft also is equipped with powerful adaptors and integrators, which integrate Oracle PLM Applications (Agile PLM - On Premise/ Oracle PLM Cloud) with downstream applications (EBS, JDE, ERP Cloud, SAP, Infor, Peoplesoft, CPQ Cloud, Adobe InDesign, Ecommerce Portal, Amazon).
Birlasoft Edge in Oracle PLM Cloud and Oracle Applications Product Development (PD)
Encyclopedic business comprehension is as important as immense ability to implement cutting-edge technologies in executing an industry-leading transformative Oracle Cloud PLM solution. Birlasoft offers exclusive industry expertise, core transformative services and solutions in innovation management, product development, product commercialization, enterprise quality management systems that drives profitable growth and revenue to the customer.
Below are the modules that Oracle PLM cloud offers:
  • Ideation management
  • Requirements management
  • Concept design management
  • Proposal management
  • Portfolio scenario analysis
  • Item management
  • BOM management
  • Change management
  • Approved manufacturers list (AML) and attachments
  • Contract manufacturer design collaboration via self-service portal
  • Data onboarding
  • Product taxonomy
  • Catalog management
  • Data governance and workflow
  • Product data quality
  • Digital asset management
  • Data publication and syndication
  • Supplier data onboarding and product creation via self-service portal
  • Quality issues
  • Corrective actions
  • Models defined for configured items
  • User interface building and testing using a WYSIWYG designer
"3 back-to-back projects: On-time & On-budget!"
Tom McDonnell
Director - IT, Atrium
Offerings for Oracle PLM
With over a decade of Oralce PLM experience and industry expertise in manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain we provide Oracle PLM cloud services as below along with data quality and analytics.
Business Process Consulting:
Innovate to develop roadmap strategy / Process maturity assessment / PLM design and architecture / PDM / PLM Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) / Product data and quality modeling and expertise / Cloud pre-implementation trainings
Enterprise PLM implementations / Data quality system implementation / Real-time PLM data analytics / Mergers, migrations, and upgrades / Application development services - configurations, customizations, support model / PLM – cloud integrations
Managed Services:
Cloud PLM support and admin / Automated testing / Knowledge sharing
Birlasoft Intellectual Property (IP):
iLINK / Oracle accelerators / Enterprise quality management / UDI / Conflict free minerals / NPI integration with demantra
Birlasoft Cloud Solutions:
CADtoCLOUD / EUMDR / GPR solution / Cloud governance and compliance/ Roll up engine / Risk management solution
Birlasoft Core Solutions Details
iLink Adaptor for Oracle PLM (Agile PLM/Oracle PLM Cloud) integration with Oracle EBS and JD Edwards, SAP
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Oracle ERP (Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) or JD Edwards (JDE) are IT foundation blocks for all manufacturers. Having the two out of sync consumes both time and resources, leading to incorrect parts, incorrect versions, and inaccurate inventory and stock. Birlasoft's Oracle certified iLink adaptor for EBS and JD Edwards solves the problem using a proven, economical approach and allows the EBS/JDE to understand and process PLM data, notifying of all issues in real time to streamline your operations.
Solution Highlights
  • A proven packaged implementation improves quality and reduces overall costs
  • Unlike other approaches, if a company has multiple PLM systems, only one integration is needed with iLink
  • Whether it's EBS Release 11i, R12, or JDE 9.X our solution will work for your environment
  • iLink is PLM agnostic, it does not matter if your PLM is agile PLM, an in-house PLM or a custom system. This solution makes it possible to seamlessly integrate Oracle's EBS and JDE with all PLM systems
  • Equal support for single-site PLM installations with multi-org or branch Oracle installations or multiple PLM environments with a single instance of the Oracle EBS or JDE
Oracle PLM Cloud Accelerator for Life Sciences
As Product Lifecycle Management specialists, we offer an accelerated implementation for Life Science customers. Birlasoft understands the precise process requirements of your industry and comes prepared with "Straw Man" Configurations representing best practices. The result is a faster implementation and improved business processes, all at a highly competitive price.
Solution Features
  • Pre-configured workflows
  • Flexible installations
  • Architecture assessments
  • Test scripts
  • Core team training
  • FDA system validation services
Solution Highlights
  • Reduced development and process discovery time
  • Reduced project time by an estimated 10 man-weeks
  • Less need for dedicated or full-time resources
  • Immediate implementation of PC/PQ best practices, with little modification
  • Immediate execution of best practice validation techniques
  • Reduced implementation schedules
To develop a seamless & scalable integration between SolidWorks CAD system and Oracle PLM cloud, by utilizing Engineering Collaboration (EC) infrastructure through the Oracle vault. CAD for Cloud functionality allows functional users in the CAD development process to collaborate and publish designs in Oracle PLM vault to Items in Product Development (PD).
Solution Highlights
  • This integration allows Items to go through a separate change process than designs and allows tighter access control over users who have access to checkout and modify designs.
  • Enterprises seek to reduce cycle time and improve productivity by seamlessly integrating CAD design processes and data with PLM cloud system.
  • Enables CAD engineers to view CAD datasets using EC (Engineering Collaboration) client to access PLM system to view, modify, or collaborate real-time on CAD designs.
  • Ensuring all the integrations & performance of on-premise Agile PLM to be leveraged and made intact with Oracle PLM Cloud.
  • Utilize Item and change management of PLM cloud to manage CAD designs.
  • Implement several features SAVE, LOAD, Check-in/Checkout and BOM Publishing between CAD and PLM cloud.
  • Maintain multiple versions of designs through the PLM cloud integration
EUMDR (European Medical Device Regulation)
Birlasoft EUMDR solution consolidates regulatory requirements into a uniform process across the enterprise; it enables the systematic tracking of the regulatory requirements by building a seamless integration with the product management process.
Solution Highlights
  • Oracle PLM Cloud has the power to integrate data across all the teams within the company throughout all stages of this process.
  • Provide ability to auto-generate a document BOM template to compile and maintain up-to-date Design Dossier.
  • Provide ability to build project and track the milestones and deadlines utilizing Project Execution Management.
  • This solution targets to submit Product and its compliance information to EUDAMED.
Quality & Risk Management Implementation
Risk management is the systematic application of policies, procedures, and practices to the task of analyzing, evaluating, controlling, and monitoring the risk inherent in medical devices. Risk management activity includes risk identification and analysis, risk estimation, risk control measures, production and post-production monitoring.
Solution Highlights
  • Implement quality workflows with Integrated Risk Register Tool
  • Using Oracle PLM Cloud, it is easy to track all of the interdependencies of risk analysis, control, reporting and surveillance.
  • Using PLM Software's relational data structure, enforceable workflows, automations traceability and reporting, makes it easy to track and report against whatever risk management information is required.
  • PLM solution's central repository ensures that everyone is using the same data sets.
  • Identifying harms and other artefacts is as simple as pressing a button to run reports against the work items that have been systematically populated with the relevant data.
  • Risk Evaluation & Approval at Workflow Execution
  • Responsibility of Data Collection in Timely Matter / Measurement Capability of Key Risk Indicators / Proactive Risk Treatment to React to Adverse Events
Cloud Governance and Compliance/ Roll-Up Engine
Cloud Compliance/Rollup Engine is a Product Compliance BOM Rollup solution, inspired by core features within Agile On-Premise PG&C module.
Solution Highlights
  • Solution focuses on key benefits that would directly apply to environmental regulations plus other generic business scenarios, Compliance Status Rollups for RoHS, REACH, EUMDR, CA Prop 65, WEEE, and Packaging etc.
  • Specification Summary- Specification Status for all specifications by part
  • Compliance and BOM report for best case / worst case compliance rankings
  • Aggregation of BOM child values (Concatenation)
  • Ability to capture full mass disclosure
  • Risk analysis and calculations (If-Then rules)
"Birlasoft with its deep experience in Agile implementations proactively helped the Olympus team identify risks early and helped identify mitigation plans to address those risks. This was a successful project that was implemented on-time and under budget."
Steve Schulz
Executive Director, Operations Quality
Olympus Corporation
Oracle Platinum Partner
The Future of PLM in Cloud
The Future of PLM in Cloud
Birlasoft Product Lifecycle Management Services
Birlasoft Product Lifecycle Management Services
iLink - The PLM Adapter for Oracle EBS and JD Edwards
iLink - The PLM Adapter for Oracle EBS and JD Edwards