Supply Chain Management Cloud
Transform supply chain management to strategically manage everyday change
The Transformation That Delivers Simplified and Accelerated- SCM Services
Transform and redesign your supply chain processes by adopting modern cloud technologies by improving the operational efficiency of the supply chain process. Modern cloud application provides flexibility to handle disruptions, improves internal and external communication between, improve performance of procurement, sales and manufacturing process.
Birlasoft brings the right combination of industry experience and Oracle knowledge to deliver hassle-free supply chain services. Birlasoft's enable business to redesign a next-generation supply chain network with advance technologies like IoT, robotics, data analytics. It enhances the application towards more automated, creates a better supply network, and significantly increase the analytical performance.
Delivering the SCM Services With Next Generation Digitalization
Birlasoft offers integrated supply chain process which helps in managing goods across warehouse, fulfillment and distribution, efficient and flexible procurement process, improve end to end visibility of demand and supply process, accelerated order fulfillment decision making with real-time insight.
SCM Business Functions
Business Benefits
  • Optimal solution to automate source to pay
  • Improved procurement process with swift completion of the requisition
  • Single Interface to compare multiple suppliers
  • Transparency between supplier and buyer
  • Faster cycle time and shorten supplier lead time
Order Management
Business Benefits
  • Simplified customer-facing with consolidated quotes and orders
  • Optimization of sourcing and order fulfillment
  • Order orchestration and visibility
  • Improved operational efficiency
Material Management
Business Benefits
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Inventory location limitation
  • Warehouse space utilization
  • Diversification of product
  • On-time delivery
  • Fluctuations
Business Benefits
  • Flexibility in manufacturing methods
  • BOM across multiple operations
  • Deliverables of work orders
  • Resource utilization
  • Prioritizing the Work order
  • Lacks in Work order cost tracking
Birlasoft Service Offerings
Birlasoft and Oracle work together helping our customer to unlock the value of your Oracle Cloud application portfolio with the power of IOT, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, digital assistance along with Birlasoft industry experience. Birlasoft has successfully helped customers to design and build cloud solutions to address their specific business needs for creating predictive value chains.
  • Oracle SCM Cloud solutions
  • Business process engineering
  • Integrated business planning
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Portfolio rationalization
  • Assessment, health checks & audits
Implementation & Rollouts
Implementation & Rollouts
  • Cloud implementation
  • Transformation program delivery
  • Implementation and rollouts
  • Country localizations
  • Extensibility solutions
Upgrades & Migrations
Upgrades & Migrations
  • Tool based upgrade assessment
  • Cloud migration
  • Data migration
  • Customization/Retrofitting
  • Technology and platform migration services
AMS & ADM Services
AMS & ADM Services
  • Application maintenance services
  • Managed services with Onsite-Offshore, Offshore, Onsite model
  • Support services with fixed, flexible and dedicated/shared services
  • Development services
Extended Service Offerings
Extended Service Offerings
  • Testing as a Service (TaaS) for Oracle SCM
  • Business process consulting
  • UAP and training services
  • Training and assessment documentation using UPK
Birlasoft SCM Cloud Solutions
Organizations using Oracle SaaS Cloud application receive a quarterly update from Oracle. These update consist of newly added feature in addition to the bug fixes. During every new update Oracle SaaS Cloud customers face challenges before updating, they need support:
  • To regression test their configuration with new version
  • Need detailed report of what is applicable in the update for their industry and business
  • Resolution of expected update issues
To overcome above challenges Birlasoft has developed OCUST an Automated Regressing Testing as a service on a subscription basis. As part of this offering, Birlasoft has built an OCUST library which has pre-built automated test cases for each SaaS Cloud applications.
Solution Highlights
  • Birlasoft's OCUST makes it very easy for customers to implement Oracle updates. Customer has to just subscribe to Birlasoft OCUST Offering and that's it.
  • Customers need to do a one-time (first-time) selection of the list of use cases applicable for their business operation from OCUST Library.
  • For every Quarterly Update, Customer has to just communicate to Birlasoft OCUST team with Non-PROD deployment timeline and share the credentials for the Application to test.
  • Birlasoft OCUST team will run the through the OCUST automated test scripts and provide a report in 2 to 5 business days.
  • Customer has to validate the Update Safe Report and take a decision to deploy in PROD.
Solution Benefits
  • 20 times faster than human efforts required to test Oracle updates
  • Reduced cycle and waiting time for Oracle patch updates
  • Reduce manual testing task error rate by 10%
  • Cost saving 25%-50%
  • Improved productivity using automation
Path to Cloud
Path to Cloud
Birlasoft Path to Cloud (P2C) is a cloud migration solution which provides a unified and simple approach to migrate EBS on On-premises system to Oracle Cloud SaaS platform, seamlessly. This preconfigured solution can be used to migrate key cloud objects such as suppliers, customers, purchase etc. from existing applications to the Cloud.
Solution Highlights
  • Smart dashboards that gives a reconciliation framework wherein progress of data flow can be easily monitored
  • Automatic template generation with data, which meets all the needs of Oracle Cloud format
  • Capable of migrating large class of data including Finance, SCM, Procurement, Project etc.
  • Quick deployment and doesn't consume of client's instance space
  • Compatible for all R12.1.X and R12.2.X Oracle EBS versions
  • Exceptionally easy-to-use tool to facilitate the entire cloud migration journey
Solution Benefits
  • One stop solution for the entire process - extraction and migration of data
  • Brings Birlasoft's years of thought leadership and innovation with Oracle Cloud to the table
  • Minimizes risk with a pre-configured and tried-and-tested solution
  • Reduces up to 30% effort in data extraction and migration compared to a conventional approach
  • Brings down the complexity of moving enormous data to the cloud
SaaSBOT is a robotic process automation solution for the business users. SaaSBOT helps organizations to make application specific user acitivity task by automating and scheduling them as per business needs. The main goals of SaaSBOT is to automate processes to replace repetitive and boring clerical task performed by business users with a virtual security enabled workforce.

Organizations can automate mundane rule based business processes in application usage, enabling business users to devote more time to serving customers or other fruitful tasks.
Solution Highlights
  • Similar process for all modules.
  • Schedule repetitive tasks to reduce human intervention
  • Single interface for all application user activities
  • Specific templates for specific use cases which is exposed based on user access security level
  • Seamless end-to-end process flow
Solution Benefits
  • Reduce technical barrier and need of technical know how
  • Increase accuracy and improved delivery
  • Meet organization standards
  • Less dependency on super users
  • Increase in productivity and business user experience
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks and cost reduction
RPrIm is a rapid project automation solution for the business users. RPrIm helps organizations to fast track the configurations based on the design documented during the project design phase. Documented Design Document (BR100) as per the implementation methodology. This tool supports both OUM, AIM documentations.
Solution Highlights
  • Users can upload the data from excel
  • Validate the configurations of RPrIm tool
  • Dashboards to verify the imported configurations
  • Configure based on recommended sequence by product
Configuration Migration
  • Migrate the specific configurations from one POD to other POD
  • Migrate the configuration based on required sequence
Compare Configuration
  • Compare and validate configurations between two different PODs
Solution Benefits
  • 100% Automated Configuration across all the tracks
  • Supports new configuration & migration of configuration
  • Functional Consultants can concentrate on Change Management & Business Process
  • Save up to 80% manual effort in configuration
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Hospitality Giant Atlantis, The Palm Partners With Birlasoft and Streamlines Procurement with Oracle Fusion Applications
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RPrIm - Rapid Project Implementation
RPrIm - Rapid Project Implementation
Hospitality Giant Atlantis The Palm Partners With Birlasoft to Streamline
Hospitality Giant Atlantis The Palm Partners With Birlasoft to Streamline