Reimagining Freight Forwarding Operations for a Digital-first Economy
Reimagining Freight Forwarding Operations for a Digital-first Economy with OTM and Oracle CPQ Cloud
Freight forwarders are grappling with unprecedented challenges in the dynamic logistics landscape. Fluctuating demand, growing customer expectations, and competition from digital natives are increasing the pressure on legacy players to deliver at lower costs with better margins. This calls for a well-integrated organization with high automation and digitized vital business functions to carry out critical processes.
In this whitepaper, we discuss how enterprises can realize the complete value of investments in Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) and CPQ Cloud solutions and achieve improved performance and better control over profit margins and become more competitive.
We will also cover key challenges that Freight Forwarding players may encounter throughout their digital transformation initiatives, and how to move beyond them.
Download the whitepaper to learn more.
Download the whitepaper
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