Plants of the Future
Shaping the Future of Factories:
Connected products, Shopfloor Agility, and IT-OT Synergy for a Brighter Future
Emerging technologies are reshaping industrial production, giving rise to the "Plants of the future." To bring this vision to life, manufacturers need strategic leadership, skilled employees, and robust IT infrastructure. It's a transformative journey where adaptability and forward-thinking drive the factories of tomorrow.
Key Industry Challenges
We expedite manufacturers' progression toward crafting future-ready plants by re-envisioning their business models, revamping product lifecycles, digitalizing manufacturing operations, and delivering top-tier stakeholder experiences for shopfloor workers, supervisors, leaders, and suppliers.
  • Accelerating operation excellence value
  • Elevating Performance through Real-time Visibility and IT-OT Synergy
  • Enhancing process robustness and plant reliability
  • Shortening operator training time with guided assistance
  • Cutting costs in inventory, quality, production, and maintenance
  • Reducing carbon footprint across operations and enterprise
Future-Ready Plants
Value Creation
Key to Achieve Digital Manufacturing Excellence in Plants
To achieve digital manufacturing excellence in plants, we focus on key success measures. Our approach ensures enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and improved profitability through optimized processes. We prioritize health, environment, and safety standards, ensuring sustainable practices. Furthermore, we bolster sustainability, minimizing downtime while maximizing the production. These pillars form the foundation of our commitment to excellence in digital manufacturing.
Application Management Services - Enhanced Satisfaction Levels
We gauge maturity using Birlasoft TRU Smart Factory Assessment Framework and pave the way to peak IT-OT excellence.
Top Offerings
Delivering advanced solutions such as real-time shop floor visibility, supply chain resilience, interconnected operations, and enhanced asset performance through our connected products.
Shop floor real-time visibility & automation
Achieve operational precision with our advanced solutions, offering real-time insights into your shop floor activities while automating key processes for efficiency.
Building resilient supply chains with end-to-end visibility
Strengthen your supply chain's resilience with our comprehensive visibility solutions, ensuring you have complete control and transparency from suppliers to customers.
Connected operations and smart factory
Seamlessly integrate your operations into a smart factory ecosystem, optimizing processes, reducing downtime, and enhancing productivity through interconnected technologies.
Asset performance management with connected products
Asset performance management with connected products: Maximize asset efficiency and longevity with our connected product solutions, providing actionable insights and predictive maintenance capabilities for superior asset performance.
Featured Solutions
Discover our advanced solutions, revolutionizing manufacturing processes for heightened operational efficiency. From Intelliasset optimizing asset performance to Prodlogix and Machine Logix enabling data-driven decisions, our seamlessly integrated solutions craft a future-ready manufacturing ecosystem. Together, they establish the groundwork for a connected and innovative manufacturing landscape.
Track shop floor assets real-time for higher productivity, production uptime, and cost reduction with this award-winning solution.
Supplier Risk Radar Featured Solution
Minimize supplier risk exposure and build disruption-free supply chains with this AI-powered preventive risk mitigation solution.
Supplier Risk Radar Featured Solution
Minimize supplier risk exposure and build disruption-free supply chains with this AI-powered preventive risk mitigation solution.
Success Stories
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Smart Manufacturing: Transformative Connected Factory Solution
Building Cement Factories of the Future
Data-Driven Transformation Journey of a World's Leading Engine Manufacturer
Why Choose Birlasoft?
Domain expertise
Domain expertise: With the TRU Smart Factory Assessment Framework, we evaluate your maturity and chart a path towards achieving peak IT-OT excellence
Proven success
Proven success: Backed by success stories from Fortune 100 and 500 manufacturers, showcasing tangible results
Strategic alliances
Strategic alliances: We have strategic partnerships in worker safety and decarbonization, ensuring comprehensive solutions
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