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Enterprises are shifting their business model from product/service-based delivery model to outcome-based delivery model. With the advancement of technologies organization are looking towards the transformation to adopt to new business model that allows faster innovation, growth revenue potential, enhanced business agility and improved operational efficiency.
Across almost every industry (such as Hitech, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Transportation, Life Science, Automobile and Service), organizations are challenged with how to maximize the revenue growth using service-based business model. Birlasoft XaaS Solution can drive business growth with XaaS – Anything/Everything as a Service business model to re-imagine how you deliver value to customers.
A Shift Towards New Business Model
With customers expectation from businesses changing rapidly it is imperative to adopt new business models. A business model which will allow Organizations to deliver value and create a streamlined experience for customers.
XaaS – Anything as a Service is a business model in which enterprises can develop a smart intelligent platform/package/entitlement (called as offer) as a combination of multiple products and services. XaaS allows enterprises to adopt a service-oriented business model which enhances the value of a business by reducing costs of asset ownership, allowing management to focus on entrepreneurial opportunities, access to newest technology and divesting activities with low value-creation prospects.
Subscription companies continue to outperform their product-based peers by wide margins, growing revenues 6X faster than S&P 500 companies.1
of CEOs surveyed say the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation.2
1. Forrester: Welcome to the B2B Marketing Renaissance
2. EY Americas Consulting, 2020
Challenges in Enabling XaaS Business Model
Today’s enterprise application are designed to support the traditional business model which covers processes like ideate and build the product, perpetual sales (Revenues are recognized after the sales), transactional service or contract services along with other processes. With existing applications, it becomes challenging to perform following activities,
Birlasoft a trusted global IT transformation partner address these challenges and enables organizations to transition from traditional business model to XaaS business model.
Featured Insights
Birlasoft XaaS – Anything/Everything as a Service Solution
Birlasoft offers pre-configured end-to-end technology solution for enabling XaaS business operating model for enterprise across industries. Birlasoft’s XaaS Model Company template has a pre-built process for innovate to commercialize, quote to subscription, subscription to billing, revenue to offer initiatives, monitor to resolve & adoption to retention.
Birlasoft XaaS Solution has been purposefully built to help enterprise organization to respond to market shifts and accelerate new business model transformation with a freedom to work with existing application architecture.
Birlasoft XaaS Solution Components
Offer Lifecycle Management
Offer Lifecycle Management
Offer Lifecycle Management
Offer Lifecycle Management develops and delivers new offers based on market requirements. Offers are built in collaboration with different teams with modern technology needs.
Solution Benefits
  • Shortens time to market
  • Single source of truth for offer and offer structure
  • Enable collaboration during offer lifecycle management
  • Realtime visibility across application
  • Enhance offer quality
Offer Customer Management
Offer Customer Management
Offer Customer Management
Offer Customer Management has been developed using Design, Launch, Sustain, Renew (DLSR) framework. Enable the sales management team to develop a strong business pipeline and opportunities for the new offers. Also enable the team to share the customer feedback to the offer managers to improve the quality of the existing services and customer experience.
Solution Benefits
  • Enhance strong relationship with customer
  • Expedite the offer delivery
  • Create KPI – Offer Lifetime Value, Churn Rate, Revenue Management
  • Support service using IOT
Offer Revenue Management
Offer Revenue Management
Offer Revenue Management
Offer Revenue Management has been developed to increase the revenue growth and decrease the cost of the product maintenance. Enables the finance team to share the feedback about the revenue generation, life cycle time value, customer renewal rate about the offering.
Solution Benefits
  • Improve the revenue potential and areas of development for your end customer
  • Expedite the offer pricing optimization and investment strategies
  • Create KPI – Cost Acquisition Cost, Net Revenue Retention, Annual Contract Value
  • Leverage modern tools to identify the renewal frictions and growth potential
Why Birlasoft XaaS Solution
Birlasoft R&D team has designed and developed business process flows purposefully built for enabling XaaS business model
Business Process Flows
Innovate to Construct Offer
Collaborate to Negotiate
Package to Commercialize
Lead to Subscribtion & Contract
Subscription to Provision
Recurring invoice to collection
Service to
Request to resolve
Consumption to billing
Monitor to
Finance performance management
Subscribe to Renew
Adoption to retention
Subscription to Own
Birlasoft R&D team has worked with multiple customers across industries to develop persona-based dashboards required to evaluate the business critical KPI’s in XaaS business model
Persona based Dashboards
Dashboards which allows real time visibility of key business KPI's and business outcomes
Revenue Growth - Offer, Industry, Geo's
Capital Acquisition Cost
Offer Trends - New Customers, Churn Rate, Renewal Rate
Offer Revenue Vs Product Revenue
Ability to check the financial viability of new business model
Customer Lifetime Value
Investment & Capitalization
CapEx Procurement
Offers under risk
Competitor offers
Full system automation enabled with XaaS solution architecture
Dashboard for offer lifecycle, offer operation, offer service, offer revenue management
Reduce lifecycle time
Process Improvement
VP of sales
Improved customer relations by offering better business outcomes
Opportunities to prioritize
Opportunites to upsell & cross sell
Customer under risk, renewal
New customers - Regions, offers, Industry
EOL Offers & Customer
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Enhance Business Operations with XaaS – Anything or Everything as a Service Business Model
Enhance Business Operations with XaaS – Anything or Everything as a Service Business Model
Anything-as-a-Service is Spreading Across Manufacturing Sectors
Anything-as-a-Service is Spreading Across Manufacturing Sectors
Why Enterprises are moving to XaaS Business Model for Growth
Why Enterprises are moving to XaaS Business Model for Growth
XaaS - Anything-as-a-Service Solutions
XaaS - Anything-as-a-Service Solutions