Birlasoft JD Edwards Process Mining Solutions

Birlasoft JD Edwards Processing Mining Solution

Experience Business Excellence: Quickly analyze, track and optimize processes
Successful execution of your business processes and services depends on a variety of interconnected processes and data located throughout the enterprise. From the moment you interact with a customer, to an order being placed, fulfilled, delivered and payment accepted, there are numerous processes that can enable or hinder your enterprise success. These processes are driven by data that can be stored in networks across your enterprise, inputted across functional teams.
Birlasoft’s JD Edwards process mining solution, harnesses the power of Celonis’s best in class process engine to apply business rigor across business processes that drive utmost customer experience, sales & supply chain excellence, better control on fulfillment, logistics & receivables/payables.
Unlocking Operational Excellence with JDE for a Medical Giant
Unlocking Operational Excellence with JDE for a Medical Giant
Business Process Transformation using Process Mining
Business Process Transformation using Process Mining
Birlasoft JD Edwards Process Mining Solutions
The average company runs their processes over hundreds of systems that don’t play nice together. This leaves a lot of room for inefficiencies to hide. These process inefficiencies are the silent killers to performance and hurt your business. Therefore, process mining is crucial to business success.
Process mining is a technique to analyse and track processes. In traditional business process management, it is done with process workshops and interviews, which results in an idealized picture of processes. However, harnessing the power of process mining using (AI + ML) we are able to visualize the process friction and inefficiencies (redundancies, rework) actionable results, identify automation and optimization use cases.
Birlasoft is a Certified Celonis Silver Partner as well as a leading global Oracle and SAP Partner.
Birlasoft built its proprietary Oracle JD Edwards IPs with the objective to identify process inefficiencies and optimization use cases. Birlasoft’s partnership with Celonis has resulted in a JDE – Celonis connector which maps end-to-end JD Edwards processes and measures the top industry KPI’s, giving customers a holistic view of their business processes, operations and areas for improvement.
Execution Excellence in Order-to-Cash
On time full shipment, increase profitability and reduce operational cost
JD Edwards Oracle-to-Cash (O2C) sales order solution helps to identify on-time in full shipment rate efficiency of delivery, measurement DSO for improve on working capital, analysis on AR payment to increase effectiveness of cash collection.
Order-to-cash optimization monitor
  • A feature to send remainder to the customer to pay on-time to avail the discount
  • Better management of working capital cycle
  • Manage surplus/ shortage of cash in the system
  • Organization can utilize and take action /decision for recovery of dues
On-time in full shipment
  • Onetime order acknowledgement
  • Better production planning and become reliable and single source to customers
  • Increase in customer satisfaction due to in full and on-time delivery
  • Increased in customer share of business due to in full and on-time delivery
  • Bring down the cost of delivery
Process automation rate
  • Highlight the impact of manual intervention in the process
  • Turn reduces the throughput time
  • Monitor impact of automation on the process
  • Higher customer satisfaction and will result in effective utilization of employee time
Rework analysis
  • Identify and list down reworks orders and the reason for rework
  • Business impact on additional efforts, time and cost
  • Data useful for rework analysis for future delivery
Key Benefits
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase market share
  • Increase profitability and revenue
Why Birlasoft JDE Process Mining Solution?
Quickly survey processes across the enterprise
Quickly survey processes across the enterprise
Precisely analyze processes
Precisely analyze processes
Identify processes inefficiencies, bottlenecks, deviations
Automate process
Automate process monitoring and track improvements
Simplify compliance, with full audit trails
Actionable insights
Actionable insights
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