With more than 15+ years of matured Infor M3 practice, we have a large, global team of Infor M3 certified consultants that have extensive experience spanning different verticals. Birlasoft's Infor M3 team provides clients with best-in-class services.
Industry Focus
Birlasoft has rich industry experience in implementing business solutions that are industry focused and driven.
Logistics and distibution
Logistics & Distribution
Med Devices
Med Devices
Food and beverages
Food & Beverages
Infor M3 Center Of Excellence
Birlasoft established the M3 Center of Excellence in the year 2005. Our M3 CoE focuses unwaveringly on M3 and related emerging technologies. The M3 CoE at Birlasoft engages closely with customers to build solution frameworks and is instrumental in building capabilities on new M3 product services. Our CoE team is the backbone of the M3 Practice and works closely with the program and project teams to deliver high quality, innovative solutions to our global customers.
Infor M3 De.Fa. Group
The M3 Development Factory Group is a team of specialists from the technology group, part of the Infor Practice at Birlasoft. The M3 De. Fa. Group is responsible for delivering global M3 Development and Integrations. They specializes in: Mongoose, ION, MeC, MAK based Development for M3 13.x, 10.x, Factory track and Infor OS.
WIKUS partners with Birlasoft to enable the scalability of their operations and have a globally integrated solution that meets their business objectives of a faster go-to-market solution and market expansion goals.
Solutions for the Future
Technology Solutions
  • KUpgrade – Path to latest Infor Solution upgrade
  • Kloud – Path to Infor Cloud
  • KDrive – Data Migration solution & Services
  • MashITup – Prebuilt Mashup for your business
Birlasoft’s specialized solution offering for factories of the future
A typical manufacturing plant uses technology in different forms: intelligent motors, sensors, information technology, computerized controls, production management software, manufacturing execution systems are some examples. The different technologies manage each stage of the manufacturing process and each is an opportunity to create efficiency.
SmartFactory will integrate these islands, enabling data sharing throughout the plant with Infor enterprise applications
The convergence of machine-gathered data in Enterprise application using SmartFactory for manufacturing intelligence leads to innovation and manufacturing efficiencies for the factories of the future.
The integration of all manufacturing data throughout individual plants and across enterprises.
This data, paired with advanced computer simulation and modeling creates robust "manufacturing intelligence" for variable-speed, Optimal Production.
Manufacturing intelligence inspires innovations in processes. Products that comprise smart manufacturing's enables major market disruption with maximize production.
Birlasoft's specialized solution offering for Route optimizing and visibility enhancement
Birlasoft's SmartRoute solution simplifies route optimization by providing a smart view for the planner to plan the deliveries, routes in a weekly calendar, and quickly club shipment based on route, departure and material classification.
SmartRoute enables business to track vehicle location in real time, provides alerts for possible delays due to vehicle breakdown or adverse weather conditions. SmartRoute provides customer acceptance and real-time delivery information, which is reflected back in Infor solution. SmartRoute provides KPI-based reporting for performance measurements and efficient vendor contract negotiations. We have seamlessly integrated this solution with Infor solution stack.
Optimize Routes to improve utilization and reduce cost.
Real time vehicle tracking and online delivery acceptance for customer satisfaction improvement.
Reports for performance and contract management production.
Birlasoft's specialized solution offering for Integrated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution with end-to-end solution capability
Birlasoft's specialized EDI solution enables robust EDI platforms with ready to use industry-specific EDI solution with a repository of pre-mapped EDI messages on the latest Infor technology stack, thus enabling customers to reduce overall implementation timeline and gain advantage of latest Infor technologies suite. The solution feature enables a cloud-based EDI along with standard integrated solution with Infor ION and pre-mapped EDI messages.
Cloud based EDI application enabling Lower license cost and TCO.
Standard Integration solution with Infor ION with transfer of XML files.
End to end solution from Birlasoft.
Birlasoft offers a host of Infor M3 services that are differentiated and caters to clients from different industries verticals
Birlasoft Infor M3 Service Offerings
Birlasoft Infor M3 Service Offerings
Data Migration Offering
Birlasoft offers a range of differentiated Data Migration solutions, offering the right mix of technology and budget
Data Migration Offering
Key Highlights and Capabilities
Birlasoft's Infor M3 capabilities are unparalleled and Birlasoft is proud to be the leader in providing Infor M3 solutions to businesses
  • Team of Industry experts with over 10+ years of rich experience
  • 250+ specialized team on Infor M3100+ experts on Infor M3 technical solutions
  • 125+ Industry and application experts working as M3 Business consultants
  • 25+ experts specialized on Upgrade and Data Migration
  • Team expertise and experience across all versions of M3 and Movex (Movex v9.0 up to M3 13.2)
  • Country specific localization expertise across various continents
  • Complementing Accelerator solutions for various Industries
  • M3 Partner offering hosting services and admin capabilities
Our Infor M3 Capabilities include:
Birlasoft Infor M3 Capabilities and Offerings
Why Birlasoft
Birlasoft's specialized Infor M3 solutions bring a host of tangible benefits to clients and also highlight our proficiency and extensive experience of managing and implementing Infor M3 solutions, globally
Birlasoft Infor M3 Practice
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Infor M3 Services
Infor M3 Services
WIKUS implements Infor M3
WIKUS implements Infor M3