ATLAS Testing-as-a-Service


A cloud-based automated solution to test
Infor CloudSuite Solution
(Infor CSI, Infor M3, and Infor LN applications)
Build digital agility to meet business demands
Transform your business, reduce business dependency, improve productivity and deliver customer delight with applications running on the latest Infor updates
Birlasoft ATLAS Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) is designed to ensure that your Infor CloudSuite CSI/M3/LN applications always stay current. ATLAS provides 20 times faster testing and helps you to achieve a 50% cost reduction.
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Simplifying Infor Release
Lifecycle Management with
ATLAS Automated Testing
Infor releases periodic updates for fixes or new features added to the Infor CloudSuite Solution. Each change, either fix or enhancement, must be configured/re-Configured and tested prior to application in the production environment. Testing coverage and scenarios are to be identified and then planned for end-to-end testing of the solution, so there is a need to carry out testing in a quick & efficient way for deciding the way forward.
Infor customers, while applying to the latest updates, face multiple challenges like:
  • Insufficient or non-availability of test scenarios for simulations and testing of business processes
  • Customer needs to ensure the testing of impacted business processes is conducted by appropriate functional and IT team
  • Dependencies of the business team to test the impacted functions due to the impact of released solutions
  • Inadequate domain knowledge to execute the testing process
  • Availability of all key business resources at a single point of time within the deployment window is practically difficult
  • Hiring contractors or full-time resources/testers for doing these kinds of testing will be more expensive
Birlasoft ATLAS is a cloud-based automated solution designed to holistically test the Infor CloudSuite applications. ATLAS has five hundred plus pre-built standard business scenarios across the business value chain for Infor CSI, M3, and LN.
Birlasoft ATLAS is 20 times faster compared to traditional testing. It accepts unique business user data for execution, eliminates errors and data inconsistencies, and can execute tests multiple times.
Value Proposition
Keep your Infor Applications up to date with Birlasoft ATLAS -TaaS
Agility and Accuracy
  • Faster script development, implementation, and execution
  • 20 times faster compared to traditional testing
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Ensures consistent execution of processes
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Eliminates data inconsistencies
Impact Analysis
  • Impact analysis and benefits of new features released
  • Updates on bug fixes
  • Retrofit assessment
  • Proactive suggestions on change management
  • Test Coverage
Reduced Dependency & Flexibility
  • No impact on day-to-day business
  • Hassel free and risk-free updates
  • Less dependency on business
  • Ability to execute test cases multiple times
  • Flexibility to adopt changes in the business process in subsequent cycles
Cost Optimization
  • Cost Savings up to 50 percent
  • Improved productivity by freeing human bandwidth
ATLAS Enables Customers to Address the Key Challenges
Periodic Patches
Define the testing coverage and action plan for retrofitting & retiring the extended functionality, if any, and testing before the patch is applied to production
Introduction of New Features
Unable to understand how the new features will impact or enhance the user experience
Lack of Planning
Need to plan for resources for testing of entire flow/functionalities
Limited Testing Capability In-House
Lead to a collaboration with Infor to resolve issues with limited knowledge
ATLAS Four Step Process
ATLAS Testing-as-a-Service
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Simplifying Infor Release Lifecycle Management with ATLAS Automated Testing
Simplifying Infor Release Lifecycle Management with ATLAS Automated Testing
ATLAS Testing-as-a-Service
ATLAS Testing-as-a-Service