Learning and Development at Birlasoft
At Birlasoft, we believe in cultivating a culture of continuous learning, in-tune with the changing business environment. The Learning and Development team provides opportunities to learn and grow across technology, mindpower skills, industry domains and leadership development.
How do we help your career take-off?
At Birlasoft, we strive to give our young interns the best all-round exposure to the corporate world and gear them up for future challenges. Here are some of the experiences shared by our interns:
Drishti Paul
"My experience at Birlasoft as an intern for 2 months in the Talent Acquisition department has been enlightening, encouraging, challenging and value additive. The exposure to industry along with freedom to explore and question the status quo is what makes this company, its culture and work more interesting. The team here has been extremely supportive, approachable and the relationship created with them is beyond professional grounds. Appreciate the efforts that the company puts in developing its employees."
Gurinderjeet Kaur
"As an intern in the Corp HR department with the HR tech and effectiveness team, I was given a project of driving the Change Management for HR system integration at an organization level. Being a fresher, the project gave me an opportunity to implement my theoretical knowledge practically and tickled my brain cells to come up with "out-of-the- box" ideas. Also, coming from a non-technical background the project introduced me to various technical aspects such as performing UATs and the processes followed before the testing is done. It was a great learning opportunity which also helped me in my personal growth by boosting my confidence, learning how to work in teams and building my networking skills."
Academic Collaboration for Excellence
Academic Collaboration
for Excellence
ACE is a comprehensive engagement program, where Birlasoft engages early with partner colleges and universities building a strong and long-term academic collaboration. Birlasoft's technical academy team analyses the university curriculum, offers electives, sponsors projects, sets-up special labs, organizes Faculty Development Program for colleges, conducts hackathons, offers internships, and provides pre-onboarding training to selected students.
Academic Collaboration for Excellence (ACE)
Campus to Corporate
Campus to Corporate
Campus to
C2C is an an intensive program that intends to be the bridge connecting the two worlds of academia and corporate work culture and help graduates get attuned to a whole new world of people, policies, and ethos. These young graduates discover and assimilate competencies with technical learning, project-based learning and behavior skills, specifically designed to drive this change in mindset and behavior; and graduate with a formal ceremony.
Roshan Gupta
"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. It is a  privilege to be a part of Birlasoft and go through the C2C program delivered by expert trainers who have enhanced my technical and professional skills."
How do we upskill our people?
Digital Edge
Digital Edge
Digital Edge is a digital upskilling initiative to bring each Birlasoft employee up the digital curve and is focused on ensuring knowledge of baseline digital skills. It included latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data and Analytics and extends deeper into role specific knowledge-building, and creation of digital labs for crowd-sourced, customer-relevant innovations.
Digital Edge Program
TechXchange Logo
Program Series
Tech Xchange is a collaborative program which brings our service offerings and industry domains under the same umbrella. It is a well-rounded initiative to showcase our business solutions and technology and raise awareness of solutions that are serviced by Birlasoft.
Domain-specific Training Sessions
With the ever-evolving IT business space, the role of an IT engineer is changing from a mere code developer to more of an evolved business partner, and it is critical to understand the client's business landscape. Ensuring our employees have substantial business domain knowledge and enable them to put on a 'advisory' cape for our clients, the L&D function has launched domain trainings for:
Life Sciences and services
Life Sciences & services
Energy and Utilities
Energy & Utilities
Domain-specific Training Sessions
Leadership Development - How do we nurture and grow our leaders?
Young Guns Program
Young Guns is a six-month career enhancement program for our emerging leaders work experience > 5-7 years, in collaboration with Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay. This program is a blended journey, comprising of immersive projects and mentorship for visibility, access and sponsorship along with powerful business management sessions, power skills training, and insightful sessions with the leaders at Birlasoft and the aspirants being placed in strategic roles.
Young Guns Program
First Time Manager (FTM) Program
First Time Manager (FTM) Program
The FTM Program is an all-inclusive program designed to provide an employee with the right kind of nurturing ecosystem and introduce a leadership mind-set to navigate and succeed in a managerial role. This program offers the necessary tools, skills and training right from the start; to become effective leaders who can foster engagement, lead productive teams and drive greater results for the organization.
PMAspire Program
PMAspire is an effective program launched to build the desired Project Management competencies within our delivery organizations; to be able to deliver projects with highest quality, in-time and within budget.
Anchored by the Project Management Competency Council (PMCC), PM Academy, this certification covers Interpersonal Skills, Customer Management, People Management, Birlasoft Project Management processes and Enabling Function processes to cater to the refreshed Birlasoft brand
PMAspire Program
L1 PMAspire Foundation
Recommended for existing grades playing associate project manager /project lead role or new recruits.
L2 PMAspire Gold
Mandatory for existing and newly promoted project manager / program manager or new recruits.
L3 PMAspire Diamond
Is nomination-based certification for existing and grades playing associate program, director program/program director role.
Chairman's Circle
Chairman's Circle
The CK Birla Group's Hi-Potential Development Program
The Chairman's Circle is one of the most prestigious leadership development programs at The CK Birla Group, sponsored by the chairpersons, and is managed by the group office.
L&D Team's
Success Mantra
Our aim is to nurture our people with targeted trainings and learning experiences – by engaging their minds, providing them new challenges, and giving the right opportunities to actualize their potential growth in their professional journey across technology streams.
We are committed towards nurturing minds and training people with the skills-of-tomorrow; helping raise each and every Enterprise to the Power of Digital™.
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