Social Media Policy


The social media policy is an important document that highlights the Do’s and Don’ts for employees. This rhetoric includes all social media platforms, and related attributes like blog sites, Quora, Wiki links, Disqus forums and other opinion-generating blogging and networking platforms. Employees are requested to read the ‘Terms and Conditions” carefully, before joining any of the above mentioned platforms, where Birlasoft may and/or may not have presence.

Henceforth, in this document, Birlasoft will be referred to as “Company”. Please take note

Procedures for Using Social Media Channels appropriately;

  • All employees are requested to follow and adhere to the “Code of Conduct” outlined by the HR team during the employee induction process. The Company complies to all rules laid out herein ruthlessly and any attempt by the any employee to malign the rules and regulations will be subject to strict disciplinary action.
  • The Company’s social media channels/handles are avenues to represent the Company as a brand digitally. These channels have been created using official Birlasoft branding element, with the permission of the Marketing team. For any concerns, please write to marketing[at]birlasoft[dot]com
  • The Company is perennially on “listening mode’ and does observe behavior of its employees online. This activity is to monitor any ill-doings and ensure the sanctity of the brand is maintained, and miscreants are kept away.
  • During working hours, employees are requested to use Company networks for all official work only. The use of social media and related channels depends on the nature of the requirement. Any such requirements need to be routed via the IT team for support and relevant access rights.
  • Employees must refrain from sharing inappropriate comments about the Company in any manner. Such culpable offences are punishable under the Company Acts that govern Company. The employees must at all times refrain from commenting and sharing content, which is pornographic and/or contains anti-national slogans, vile, vitriolic and/or hate speech content..
  • Social media posts, blogs and/or thought leadership articles by the Company attract a lot of media attention online. Do not jeopardize the brand by using the Company social media post in a demeaning manner.
  • If during a thread conversation on social media, employees encounter antagonistic commentary, they are requested to disassociate with it immediately, and bring it to the notice of relevant authorities. In such events please write to marketing[at]birlasoft[dot]com
  • The Company has a strict policy on the usage of partner and/or vendor logos on social media. Employees who want to use it, for promotion beyond the official Company channels are requested to seek approvals from relevant stakeholders and write to marketing[at]birlasoft[dot]com for approvals.
  • The use of social media must not interfere with the daily work of employees. The Company channels shall only be strictly used to promote service offerings and/or highlight employee victories via relevant campaigns and social media strategies.
  • Company recommends all its employees to have separate social media accounts for all official work, if deemed practical and is of utmost necessity.
  • The final call of promotion on social media shall be with the Marketing team.

The Employees shall not:

  • Upload sensitive client/Company related information on social media/information sharing sites. Any discrepancy noticed is liable for strict legal action, against the BU/employee
  • Upload objectionable content and tag Company channels within posts. We have a strict policy against miscreants who indulge in such activities
  • Be involved in Character shaming, communal hatred, body shaming and/or vitriolic comments will not be tolerated.

All employees are requested to follow the Company and social channels guidelines, while interacting with the brand. We solicit your appreciation towards creating a positive and long-lasting employer-employee relation on digital mediums.

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For any queries, and more information about Birlasoft, write to marketing[at]birlasoft[dot]com