It is a known fact that Delhi- NCR, home to over 20 million people remains covered with smog during early winter months of Oct-Nov. NASA images reflected that the burning of crop stubble during harvest season in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh is considerably impacting the pollution level of this region.

Stubble burning is economical and cleans the field completely for sowing of new crops, but it has many harmful effects on the environment and livelihood. The fact that the time gap to sow new crop during Oct-Nov is only 15-20 days make the farmers resort to the burning of crops. To lessen the worries of farmers of Punjab and to lend them a helping hand, Birlasoft initiated a Community Initiative called 'Shodhan'. Shodhan, in Hindi, signifies 'Purification'.

In 2017, Shodhan set up its footprints in two villages of Punjab, both of which had witnessed stubble burning in the past. In the span of four years we have covered more than 50 villages and 40,000 acres of agriculture land. This was made possible because of the Birlasoft volunteers, who contributed their effort and time in the initiative, their never-ending support to the farmers' family, took the project to the next level.

Birlasoft won 'SABERA', Social and Business Enterprise Responsible Award for two consecutive yearsin the "Paryavaran" category
'SABERA' acknowledges business and social enterprises along with individuals working responsibly in putting the nation on the road of development.

Birlasoft's Project Shodhan received the SABERA 2019 award in the Paryavaran (Environment) category
CII Foundation partners with Birlasoft to launch the third phase of Project Shodhan
Awareness Drives in villages of Punjab (CII Foundation and Birlasoft's #BForCe volunteers)
Interaction with Farmers - Awareness Drive in villages of Punjab
Interaction with Farmers
Plantation Drive - Awareness Drive in villages of Punjab
Plantation Drive
Street Play - Awareness Drive in villages of Punjab
Street Play