It is a known fact that Delhi- NCR, home to over 20 million people remains under the cover of smog during early winter months of October-November. NASA images reflected the burning of crop stubble during harvest season in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh is considerably impacting the pollution level. Paddy stubble burning is a major reason for affecting air quality in Delhi-NCR during the onset of winter. This practice is economical and cleans the field completely for new sowing of crops, but it has many harmful effects on the environment and livelihood. The dominant facts that pressurizes the farmers to burn crop residue is the time gap to sow new crop during October-November is only 15-20 days so the burning of crops is quick, convenient and economical for farmers.

To lessen the worries of farmers of Punjab, Birlasoft has initiated a CSR project "Shodhan". "Shodhan", in Hindi, signifies purification. In 2017, Shodhan set up its footprints in two villages of Patiala (Punjab) - Ageti and Bibipur. Both the villages had witnessed stubble burning last year. In Phase 1, Birlasoft covered 1600 acres of land and 2100 beneficiaries. Birlasoft employees contributed their effort and time by voluntarily participating in the initiative. Their never-ending support to the farmers family, took the project to the next higher level.