E-Vidya Stories
The E-Vidya initiative by Birlasoft is a digital literacy program that provides computer education for underprivileged girls and women. In collaboration with Government school, volunteer groups and Birlasoft's employee volunteers, women are empowered through various training programs in soft skills, technical know-how, communication, etc.
#EVidyaStories capture the experiences of teachers, volunteers and the students who have been a vital cog towards the success of this program. Read on and connect with them!
The E-Vidya program was very informative and engaging. We were trained and given coaching on Computer and CCC, MS Office, Internet usage and basics of computer.
I am very happy to be a part of this program!
Grade 12th (Arts), GGIC – Noida
Ms. Pratibha
I am really happy that I am part of the E-Vidya program. Not only me, but all girls were highly benefited.
The E-Vidya Team has really molded our mental and moral abilities, and made us fit enough to face the world after Grade 12. They gave us all kinds of necessary seminars and workshops.
I wish Birlasoft continues this good work in our school forever!
Grade 12th  (Arts), GGIC – Noida
Ms. Aarti
Learning computer and its related courses for financially challenged background, and Government school students is not easy, but Birlasoft’s E-Vidya program gave many of us a golden opportunity!
The E-Vidya team has given us soft skills training and our confidence, communication, and body gestures have increased manifold.
The program promises to provide scholarships to deserving students.
Grade 12th (Commerce), GGIC – Noida
E-Vidya has made my 500 students excel in basics of computers, and on computer concept courses.
The girls were trained on various soft skills which enhanced their courage to face the next phase of their lives.
I wish Birlasoft and GGIC Noida continue to stay associated and help unprivileged girls in shaping their future. I wish Birlasoft the very best! Keep up the good work.
Principal, GGIC, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Sector 51, Noida
Mrs. Aradhana Sharma
E-Vidya has given computer access to underprivileged girls, soft skills training on communication, time management; and many other workshops were also organized.
I wish Birlasoft continues their noble work through this wonderful initiative.
Aradhana Sharma
Teacher, GGIC - Noida
Mrs. Saranya
I feel proud and delighted on being part of E-Vidya. The goal is to get basic computer training along with Nielit’s BCC and CCC certifications to economically challenged students.
The program had a great impact and saw huge participation by underprivileged girls. I wish to be a part of this wonderful initiative in the long run.
Computer Trainer, DEHAT
Poonam Jindgar
E-Vidya is an innovative and sustainable initiative to empower school girls by providing foundation for a relatively secure future. In addition to becoming digitally literate the girls also got the opportunity to learn some of the critical areas with the support extended by ever experienced and enthusiastic Birlasoft employees. Active engagement of the employees clearly demonstrates their empathy towards humankind and communities.
After deliberating for a while I selected “Empowerment by Enablement” as the topic to motivate the girls to further enhance their skill. The entire session was quite engaging, as each and every girl was so inquisitive to know the options to select as their career, irrespective of the challenges they encounter. Definitely, E-Vidya made remarkable difference in the girls’ way of thinking and confidence. This will have a lifelong impact in shaping the future of these girls.
I wish great success to all the girls, who have already completed the certification and to those who will be part of the forthcoming batches.
Poonam Jindgar
Vice President, Global Business Excellence, Birlasoft
Vijay K Gupta
I met more than 150 girls who were optimistic about their future and careers. They had close to 100 queries related to careers in Medical, IAS, Computing, Army, Police, Hospitality, Government, Education etc.
There is awareness for a girl child’s career in parents minds and our E-Vidya program is creating more awareness, and I could see sparks in the eyes of the girls.
We should continue our social connect with them till they achieve their objective of building their careers; they will be an asset in the growth story of India!
Vijay K Gupta
RMG Head, Birlasoft
Brijendra Singh Yadav
E-Vidya has been a transformational platform for GGIC students in terms of educational landscape.
Here with the help of Birlasoft, computer classrooms were accessed by school girls with a defined curriculum. With the support of local communities (NGO) and volunteers across the organization, this program was a success.
With standardized lesson plans and teaching aids for a consistent learning experience, students from Government schools received quality education for a promising, and rewarding future.
Brijendra Singh Yadav
Learning Partner – L&D, Birlasoft
Nikita Singh
E-Vidya Project helped under privileged students not only in developing their soft skills but also in shaping their career.
Free consultation and decision making also helped students in taking big decisions in their career. Students were overwhelmed with happiness by knowing that they have the love and support of all the Birlasoft volunteers.
Committing to this shared activity in this project helped me in expanding my network and boosting my social skills too.
Nikita Singh
Associate Software Engineer, Birlasoft
E-Vidya | Digital Literacy Program for Underprivileged Girls and Women in India