AI and ML in ERP: Transforming Business Processes for Enhanced Outcomes
ERP has provided significant value to businesses in the past couple of decades. ERP manages critical business processes from Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Make to Deliver, Record to Report, Master Data, to name a few of them. This critical and historical data is often not used optimally to make business decisions across various business functions such as finance, inventory, sales, and procurement. Organizations that have already adopted an ERP system thus have a significant unrealized opportunity at their fingertips to fully realize its true potential for business.
With AI and ML integrated within your cloud ERP software, you can feed data to powerful AI algorithms. This, in turn, will help you identify patterns in your workflow and operations that are not visible otherwise. This whitepaper explores next-generation ERP powered by AI and ML capabilities and discusses a few AI/ML use cases around inventory planning, forecasting fulfillment, order management, and many more.
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Download the whitepaper
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