Producer Workspace improves the way Producers (Brokers and Agents) do business. A one stop shop for Submissions, Product View, Performance & Commission dashboards and to collaborate with underwriters, the solution provides seamless producer on-boarding to make producer’s lives easier!
Lack of Visibility
Challenge in Real Time Collaboration Between Producer and Underwriter
52% - Producers Do Not Have Online Applications
Only 1 in 10 Insurance Providers Have Real Time Chat
Only 1 in 3 Producers Have Tools To Track Their Campaigns
Producer Workspace
A one stop shop platform that answers complete needs of an Insurance Broker or an Agent
  • Producer and Underwriters On Same System Close Collaboration Between Producer and Underwriter For Faster Submission Closure
  • Live Chat Integrated Tool Which Helps Producers to Connect Directly With Underwriters
  • Device Independence Producer Workspace Provides Seamless Experience Across The Devices
  • Seamless Design Navigation is As Easy as Booking a Flight Ticket
  • Personalized Dashboard Close Collaboration Between Producer and Underwriter For Faster Submission Closure
Anytime, Anywhere Access
Producers can close the submissions from their desktop, tablet or mobile device
360° View
With a 360o degree view of products, plans and policies, brokers can be more prepared and efficient to provide seamless experience to customers
Integration With Policy Admin System
Producer workspace can be integrated with existing Policy Admin System to use already existing policy/submission data
Increased Efficiency
Collaboration platform improves Producers and underwriters efficiency
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Producer Workspace Solution
Producer Workspace Solution