The client is a leading player in the retail industry with many, globally renowned brands under its umbrella. Besides a global presence via e-commerce channels, the client has more than 7000 shops in 41 countries across Europe, Canada, India, and the Middle East. Plans to make a grand foray into the US market, are also underway. Complementing its widespread geographic presence, the client also works with over 12000 independent retailers across the globe.
Business Situation
The client was keen to address several pressing issues across operations management, such as lack of proactive monitoring, poor adherence to SLAs and lack of transparency in reporting. In addition, there were provisioning issues such as longer time to market, delayed VM provisioning, memory overflows and frequent instances of under-provisioning. The client was keen to reduce costs across entire SAP and non-SAP landscape.
Birlasoft Solution
  • Implemented automation-enabled iSight framework with 24X7 operations management resulting in the following:
    • Achieving adherence to SLAs
    • Deriving meaningful Insights and Analytics
    • Obtaining one-click provisioning, configuration, monitoring and maintenance of cloud environment
  • Implementing scalable and elastic cloud with elastic cloud, resulted in
    • On-demand instances on SAP cloud
    • Cloud bursting to public cloud during peak periods
  • Implemented seamless migration with a phased migration approach, ensuring non-disruption in business and minimal downtime for business-critical environment. This helped:
    • New build onto SAP HANA certified servers for HANA workloads
    • Implementation of best practices for HANA implementation
Key Benefits
  • Lowered the total cost of ownership through:
    • On-demand, offshore, Centre of Excellence (CoE) -based delivery model
    • On-demand, improved disaster recovery model
  • Implemented integrated service delivery model with:
    • Lean and high-response service assurance
    • Minimal downtime approach
With Birlasoft's solution, the client was able to achieve operational efficiency and significant reduction in TCO. With Birlasoft's cloud consulting services, client's overall spending on cloud infrastructure reduced by 30%, as compared to original public cloud set up.
Hosting setup for SAP, SAP HANA and non-SAP environment on cloud
High availability setup for SAP production environment on cloud
Migrations of SAP ERP on cloud.
BOBJ Upgrade to 4.2, along with content migration
Upgradation of HANA from 1.0 to 2.0
Database optimization and tuning
SAP optimization and tuning
Infrastructure and SAP monitoring and management through iSight framework
Key Features
  • Private cloud for on-demand DC and DR
  • Matured leveraged delivery model
Delivered value-added services using iSight framework
Continuous improvement for SAP Basis environment
Focus on automation by implementing various tools and accelerators
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