Oracle Database Upgrade Solution

Save 25% of the cost during your Oracle Database upgrade.

Take the lead, unlock new opportunities with Oracle database upgrades. 
As an Oracle database customer you must be aware that Oracle has upgraded its database to Oracle 19c while de-supporting the older versions. 
To future proof your Oracle database investments upgrade to Oracle database 19c which includes new features, long term support from Oracle.
Modernize your Oracle Database through Birlasoft’s Oracle Database Upgrade Solution with low-risk execution and up to 25% cost savings for your upgrade initiative.
Unlock the potential of Oracle Database. Upgrade to Oracle 19c.
Modern ERPs are constantly evolving to cater to the changing needs of the business. With new functionalities getting added with every next release, the Oracle database is becoming more feature-rich, intuitive, and stable. As an organization, it becomes imperative to embrace the new versions as they offer more robustness, fewer glitches, better performance, better business visibility, and insights so that you worry less about your IT and be more productive at core business. You also get benefited from the fixes, critical patches, and localization-related changes that Oracle keeps releasing on an ongoing basis.
Birlasoft’s Database Upgrade Solutions for ERP & Non-ERP customers
End to End Coverage. Accelerated Execution.
Birlasoft “Database Upgrade” solutions provide comprehensive end-to-end services to cover your needs throughout the upgrade lifecycle and beyond. These services keep your cost and execution risk low through innovative usage of automation that was created based on the deep experience of successfully executing such projects. The benefit to you is accelerated low-risk execution and up to 25% cost savings for your upgrade initiative.
  • Fully managed next-generation Database upgrade solutions that is proactive, quality-focused, predictable, and flexible.
  • Our upgrade solution is enabled to have latent opportunities around automation, proactive issue detection & diagnosis, preventive, and perfective maintenance
  • Our perfective Database upgrade approach evaluates and spawns continuous improvement initiatives for better solution stability thereby reducing Go-live Downtime.
  • Flexible engagement models tailored to meet your requirements
  • Next-generation Autonomous DB upgrade and automation approach to pre-empt issues and automate resolution.
Smart Database Upgrade Methodology along with Oracle EBusiness upgrade.
Cloud and Solution Expertise
Upgrade Advisory
Upgrade Advisory
  • EBS and Database version selection
  • Upgrade vs Migration
  • Upgrade best practices and tools
  • Execution approach recommendations
Cloud and Solution Expertise
Upgrade Assessment
Upgrade Assessment
  • Upgrade impact assessment
  • Project scoping covering, DBA, Cloud DBA and 3rd party systems
  • Project execution plan and budget estimates
  • User change management recommendations
  • Readiness assessment and recommendations
Cloud and Solution Expertise
Upgrade Execution
Upgrade Execution
  • End-to-end EBS and Database upgrade execution
  • Program management
  • Organization change management
  • Database and infrastructure management services
  • Application functionality and performance testing
Cloud and Solution Expertise
Elevate/ Modernize ERP
Elevate/ Modernize ERP
  • Cloud infrastructure adoption
  • Digital enablement
  • Automation roadmap
  • Address pain areas
  • Return to native
Business Benefits
Drawing on extensive intellectual capital and in-depth experience with Oracle application upgrades, our approach strives to bring excellence in execution at every step of the upgrade project. Key business benefits to our customers are:
  • Most accurate solution discovery and impact analysis to eliminate guesswork with your upgrade project planning
  • Accelerated execution at significantly lower risk through the proven toolchain
  • Save up to 25% of the upgrade cost
  • Drive ERP and Database modernization initiatives
The Birlasoft Advantage
As an Oracle cloud go-to-partner, Birlasoft’s EBS consultants are positioned to work alongside your company to deliver differentiation using technology. With our deep Oracle expertise, we have created an unenviable record of accomplishment of successfully delivering 19c upgrades across the globe. We commit to save up to the 25% of cost in executing your upgrade initiative through the differentiated offerings and innovative solutions.
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