Data quality plays an important role in an organization as it enables measuring how well its organizational data practices gratify business, technical, and regulatory standards. High data quality enables an organization to increase efficiency, enhance customer service, and drive profitability whereas poor data quality results attract conflicting reports, flawed business plans, resulting in erroneous decisions due to outdated, inconsistent, and invalid data
Birlasoft Data as a Service (DaaS) practice helps businesses complete conversions and migrations efficiently and effectively. Birlasoft's experts handle the data validations, standardizations, transformations, and quality checks, while our customers focus on testing and functional training within their organizations. By using data cleansing as a service, rather than as an implementation, clients can achieve their data cleansing goals without the overhead of implementing a data quality tool themselves. Birlasoft's deep experience with similar conversions across industries and multiple source and target systems adds a valuable perspective to each project.
What is Birlasoft DaaS?
  • Best practice conversion process (12 Steps)
  • 200 + master data business rules
  • Pre-defined ERP functional mapping templates
  • Product data enrichment
  • Business/IT role (conversion RACI matrix)
  • Review mechanism (user interface)
  • Pre-built connectors to extract any legacy data
  • Tool for automatic data profiling, auditing and validation
  • Tool for de-duplication
  • Prebuilt connectors to load data into ERP
  • Conversion governance dashboards
Birlasoft DaaS Features
System Consolidation (M&A)
  • Consolidating master data from multiple ERP systems
  • Consolidate into single standard global ERP
ERP Upgrade and Transformation
  • Migrating from one ERP platform to another and clean master data
  • Connect EBS, JDE , SAP with PDAAS
Data Quality for Reporting
  • Classify, standardize the master data for BI.
  • Supplier spend analytics
  • Sales channel based data classification
Clean Data for Supply Chain
  • Master data for supply chain readiness
  • Supplier data onboarding
  • Data for global trade management
Birlasoft DaaS Benefits
Optimizes costs
  • By freeing up resources spent on error-prone, time consuming manual operations for data extraction, cleansing and de-duplications and load into ERP
  • By eliminating infrastructure cost of conversion tools/hardware (we also offer it as subscription based service)
Increases efficiency
  • By decreasing process cycle times through eliminating/reducing manual data entry and by providing exception-handling process
  • By providing real-time insight into conversion/migration bottlenecks
Reduces risk
  • Protect data quality (ensure no bad data entering ERP from legacy) and in turn de-risk ERP transformation project - improve success rate
  • Reduce business and internal IT dependency of learning legacy system and new ERP interfaces instead focusing on ERP business process
Birlasoft DaaS offers fully customizable solutions that can be adjusted to different data volumes and price points.
Deliverable Item / Option
Customer/Supplier Data
Standardize contact phone numbers, Email Addresses, Zip Codes, Date Formats, etc.
Standardize Site Addresses – Populate missing info (state, city, country etc.)
Identify duplicates within the dataset using fuzzy matches on specified attributes and complex rules
Identify matches between two datasets (for migrations) based on exact matches
Identify matches between two datasets (for migrations) based on fuzzy matches on specified attributes and complex rules
Product Data
Classify Items based on keywords in descriptions or rules based on other data elements
Classify Items based on attribute scoring
Parse Item Descriptions into attributes, standardize attribute values, standardize/convert UOMs
Standardize Item Descriptions
Taxonomy and Attribution Design Workshops
CRP / Interim Review
UAT / Core Team Training / Handover
Go Live / Closure
Business Requirement Document
Validation Error Report
Duplicate / Match Report
Oracle EDQ and/or EDQP project files
Product Data Review Sheet, Attribute Completeness Report, Metadata Report
The Journey to Data Quality
The Journey to Data Quality
Product Data Quality Cloud Service
Product Data Quality Cloud Service
Oracle Cloud Services
Oracle Cloud Services
Birlasoft CPQ, PH and CDM Cloud Solution for Oracle EBS
Birlasoft CPQ, PH and CDM Cloud Solution for Oracle EBS