Power & Water giant partners with Birlasoft to perform a multi-country OTM roll out and deploy additional OTM functionality

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Customer Overview

Our client is a leading Power & Water company which provides a diverse portfolio of products, service solutions and deep industry expertise to help their customers solve challenges locally. With a full array of advanced power generation and water optimization technologies, our client works to drive growth and progress.

Business Challenges

The client was leveraging Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 for Order Management, Inventory, Purchasing, and Financials. They had just finished an implementation project of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) as well as Global Trade Management (GTM) but were facing issues with their OTM/GTM implementation.

The client was unable to reap any benefits from their Transportation Management System (TMS) because of limited technical expertise held by their initial implementation partner, as well as internally by their own resources. This resulted in client's end users becoming increasingly frustrated with the application often abandoning OTM for manual processes. However, the biggest issue was that this failed implementation had crippled client's product shipments which was directly affecting their credibility, inventory management, and impacting their bottom line as well.

Birlasoft Solution

To address these problems, client was looking for a partner with deep functional and technical OTM/GTM expertise. Oracle recommended Birlasoft to the client because of our expertise in VCE, specifically in OTM/GTM space. We showcased our extensive knowledge of OTM/GTM initially through a deep dive conference call into their OTM/GTM system setup.

This paved the way for a 4 week initial assessment project to determine the extent of the issues and technical concerns.

Leveraging our deep expertise with the technical aspects of OTM/GTM, in particular troubleshooting agents and interfaces, we provided a detailed assessment report to the client. This was followed by a stabilization plan that supported their peak Q4 shipping volume, regained the trust of the OTM/GTM users, and efficiently fixed many of their outstanding issues impacting OTM.

This impressed the client and they selected Birlasoft as the strategic partner going forward for all OTM/GTM related implementations and enhancements.

  • Performance of Bulk Plan improved from an average of 3-5 minutes down to 5-10 seconds.
  • 10% of previous orders had issues with shipping or invoicing in EBS - due to the OTM configuration. In the current OTM configuration, less than 1% of orders have issues, which means improved process efficiency and happier customers.
  • Prior to the OTM/GTM implementation, approximately 75% of orders were manually planned, whereas currently, the majority of orders are planned using the OTM Bulk Plan.
  • Reduced overall service ticket volume by 90% at the Atlanta Parts Warehouse. Prior to Stabilization there were a large number of daily tickets that have been reduced to an average of less than 1 per day related to OTM/GTM issues which means the processes are streamlined.
  • Application server restart times were reduced from nearly 2 hours to approximately 15 minutes. The client is currently changing the hardware to similar configuration (CPU) for all non-production environments.
Way Forward

Birlasoft is working along with Oracle to provide a Value Assessment to the client of their OTM/GTM implementation. This will give their Executives a picture of the value provided by the system, as well as a roadmap forward for additional functionality, training, and development.