Major Canadian Conglomerate Partners with Birlasoft to Standardize Workforce Management with Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Management

Project Summary
  • Industry

    Forest Products & Services Transportation

    Transportation Services

    Shipbuilding & Fabrication Services

    Retail & Distribution Services

    Industrial Equipment & construction

  • Project Footprint

    Oracle HCM Cloud Talent

    Management Release 12

  • Modules

    Goal Management

    Career Development

    Performance Management

    Talent Review

    Succession Management

Customer Overview

The customer is a privately-owned conglomerate company established in 1882 and headquartered in Canada. It caters to multiple industries such as forestry, paper products, agriculture, food processing, transportation, and shipbuilding. With a team of 15,000 people, they are the largest shipbuilder in Canada with ownership of shipyards across US and Canada.

Business Challenges

With multiple industry and business units, the customer wanted to standardize talent management and replace all the different applications in use to ease user operations and improve management visibility. Here are the key business challenges faced by the customer:

  • Promote and support organizational objectives and employee success by aligning company strategy and employee goals, enabling holistic performance management and making it easy for employees to work socially so they can connect, share knowledge and give kudos.
  • Empower employees to set and share meaningful goal
  • Support goal achievement and promote collaboration by leveraging social communication
  • Guide and support users with information at their fingertips to help complete evaluations
  • Capture formal and informal feedback from multiple sources to provide a rich, well-rounded portrait of your employees
  • Have comprehensive reporting tools
Birlasoft Solution

Implemented Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Management Release 12 to help reduce operational complexity in terms of dependency for users and approvers on the number of applications for talent management.

  • Implemented Goal Management to empower employees to set and share Meaning and SMART goals
  • Implemented Performance management to support complete evaluations
  • Implemented Career Development to support achieve development goals
  • Implemented Talent Review to conduct meetings to assess strengths and weakness of Organization and calibrate worker data.
  • Implemented succession management to determine who will eventually replace key personnel.
  • Developed comprehensive reports on all the Talent Modules.
  • Better talent management: Identify, Develop, and Retain the Best Talent
  • Complete and integrated solution: Integrated Workforce Deployment with Workforce Development functionalities
  • Streamlined Operations: Improved usability, minimized human errors thus enhancing report accuracy and enabling easy accessibility of information
  • Enhanced Analytics: Analyze talent information to make better decisions
  • Improved Visibility: Business information available in high-quality reports which are accurate and reliable
  • Better Security: Automation in workflows ensures that all the documentation for approval are routed through a pre-specified path unlike ad-hoc routes used earlier when approvals were manual